Glamcycling Giving Prom Dresses New Life & New Memories

It’s Wednesday and I know you may be expecting to find a new Featured Member posting. With prom season on the way, we thought this would be a great post to share.

Let me start with a brief introduction. I’m Myra Roldan, the Makeup Doctor on FunkeyMonkeyCompany I’m also a blogger and serialpreneur. You can checkout my blog at beyondthekitchentable and follow me on twitter @mcprgirl.

When we think of recycling, we tend to think about saving the earth and reducing our carbon footprint. When we think of upcycling, we think of ways to repurpose things instead of adding them to the ever growing compost piles. Let me throw a new type of cycling the mix. “Glamcycling“. Glamcycling is about giving dresses new life by allowing someone else to make new memories with your garb.

In 2007, I worked with a group of high school girls to host an event that would allow the girls to give back to their community. We started a prom dress drive. Over a 4 month period we hustled to collect gently used prom dresses, bridesmaids dress and evening dresses and organized a dress boutique day where girls would be able to come shop for a free dress.

Being the Marketing wiz that I am, I reached deep into my contacts and connected with a few designers in New York and bridal shops locally. Jason Wu, a hot NY designer donated 5 dresses right off the runway and several local bridal shops gave me an open shopping spree in their discontinued and sample dress stash. That year we serviced close to 600 girls, giving them all the chance to get a free dress for prom.

This year, we are in our 3rd year and I’m still managing the event. I didn’t think I would be able to pull it off but was fortunate enough to find an awesome partner – The Connecticut Association of Foster and Adoptive Parents. This year we will be targeting an additional segment of girl – girls who are currently in foster care. Our mission, to show them that there are people out there who care and that the world has not abandoned them.

This year, I’ve coined the term, “Glamcycling” and it has been spreading like wild fire. I mean, think of the dresses you may have sitting in your closets that you’ll never wear again, even if you have the best intentions. I bet those dresses have some great memories tied to them but, yet they sit in your closets begging to be worn again. It’s amazing what happens when I announce that we are collecting dresses again. The emails start to come in, many offering to donate that special dress that helped them make great memories giving that dress new life.

If you would like to donate a dress or find out how to organize a similar event in your town, please visit ctpromdress

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  1. ecokaren says:

    My dress is in the mail on its way to you Myra!

    What a wonderful and heartwarming way to recycle my dress!

    Thank You!!

  2. Good Girls Studio says:

    What an amazingly generous way to not only recycle but to give back to your community! Thank you for sharing your story! Best of luck with Glamcycling!