Themed Nomination Winners- International Women’s Day!

I hope everyone had a wonderful International Women’s Day yesterday! I didn’t even know this holiday existed until last week, but now I think I will do a little something special each year to celebrate!

This week’s winner is SewnNatural‘s inspirational Matryoshka Dolls Set. What better message for the little girls or young ladies in our lives? Thanks to BrassPaperclip for the really great nomination.

There were many other great suggestions sent in this week and I want to thank MaryZoom, nowvintage, rinebird, BululuStudio and tamdoll for participating and making this a fun theme!

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  1. CurlyMonkey says:

    Congrats! Those dolls are so cute!

  2. SewnNatural says:

    Wow – are we ever thrilled! Thanks BrassPaperClip!! What a lovely nomination, thanks so much again.

  3. ecokaren says:

    Love love love the message!

    So appropriate since, you know, I have so much problem with attracting the wrong people because of my good looks. {That was a J O K E!!)

    Great pick!

  4. PrairiePeasant says:

    A perfect choice for this week's theme!