Green Share Photos

I shared some seed packets with my neighbors this past weekend to celebrate Earth Day.

Instead of coloring eggs, my daughter and I made seed packets out of old Trader Joe’s grocery bags. You can read about how my Green Share project was on my blog here. As a part of Earth Day celebration, I am including my seed packet with every sale from my shop.

If you are sharing seed packets as “Green Share” for Earth Day, or having a sale, please e-mail or convo me your pictures so that I can share them with the team on the blog.

I hope to distribute more packets every weekend this month as “Green Share” will be a month-long project in my house.

Are you doing “Green Share” this month to celebrate Earth Day? Don’t forget to send me photos so I can share them here.

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  1. Sugar Pine Boutique says:

    I love the seed packet idea. Can't wait to get the garden going myself…here in N. Nevada, we have to wait till May to plant, since the frost date is that late! Thanks for sharing….again love it! ; )