Greening ‘Brown’ Bag Lunches

I have been going gradually greener since the first Earth Day. I was engaged in college to an Environmental Engineering student. I learned from him a lot about pollution and efforts to stop it. I am proud to say that he is an EE at the Calif. air board. We’re friends, but we didn’t get married. That’s another story.

So that you will have extra reasons to buy  or make cloth snack bags, I’m gonna give you a basic recipe for Trail Mix. These ingredients are basically interchangeable. If you don’t like or are allergic to cashews, use another protein listed.

In order to be healthy, the proportions are important.  They are:  2 parts Dried Fruit, 2 parts vegetarian protein, 8 parts healthy grain, 1 part treats (optional).

Hungry Bear Trail Mix

Makes 3 servings
In a large bowl, mix together equal parts of:
1/2 c. Diced dried fruit
1/2 c. Nuts, seeds or coconut
2 cups Graham Bears
Mix together and immediately fill small cloth snack bags for lunches.

Other healthy grains you could substitute for Graham Bears:  Oat Rings (like Cheerios), Chex Cereal, pieces of Triscuits or Whole Wheat Crackers, Unbuttered Popcorn, Bran Flakes,  Graham Stix.

You can also add some treats, especially if you are using, a grain with out any sweeteneer.  Use 1/8 cup if you can get people to eat it that way, 1/4 cup if you can’t.

Some popular treats are: M&Ms, chocolate chips, butterscoth or peanut butter chips, Reece’s Pieces, any small unsticky candy.

Shown above are some of my favorite snack bags from Team Ecoetsy.

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