Introducing Jennifer and Lisa – Business Tips Co-Editors

Welcome to Business Tips, a new feature here on the EcoEtsy blog.  We know that there are many obstacles to be faced when running a business, whether you are a seasoned veteran or a newcomer, and in this column we hope to address some of those obstacles and offer tips to help you make your business more successful.

Jennifer from greenearthgoodies, and (me) Lisa from lilfishstudios will be bringing these tips to you each week, and we’d like to take a moment and introduce ourselves.

Jennifer is a newbie to not only EcoEtsy, but Etsy as well.  She opted to follow her dreams (and not the money trail) when she left her job as a corporate road warrior in October to pursue her business.  Although she opened her shop in November, she didn’t list items until March and has been relatively pleased with the Etsy experience so far.  Her time in retail management gave her a solid base in business operations but more importantly it gave her a strong understanding of how to go the extra mile to wow the customer and have them become a regular/returning customer.  She includes a free gift with each order and prides herself on getting orders out quickly.

Although she really misses the people she worked with on a daily business, she feels that being a part of EcoEtsy is an excellent way to network and connect with others.  She loves being her own boss now, having full control of her business as well as her schedule which affords her more time with her husband and three dogs in the Rocky Mountains.

As a newbie, Jennifer is interested in hearing from seasoned veterans on business tips such as: how to understand SEO (in lay terms), how to market yourself effectively, best practices from successful businesses, etc.  She is looking forward to the sage wisdom this team has to offer.

…and I’m Lisa.  I’m the fish behind Lil Fish Studios.  Prior to coming to Etsy back in March 2006, I managed various service entities in the life insurance and library information services industries.  I learned a lot during my career in corporate America, and have been able to apply much of that experience to nearly every aspect of running my own business.

Living in the woods of Minnesota, I strive to lead a simple and sustainable lifestyle with my four young children and darling hubby in tow.  My work is deeply inspired by nature and rendered in repurposed, recycled, sustainable, and natural materials.

I was honored to be Etsy’s featured seller in December of 2008.

My tip for the day:   The power of “thank you”… a handwritten thank you note in a package goes a long way towards differentiating you from “big box” businesses.  I also send my customers a convo after a sale, thanking them for their purchase, letting them know what method of shipping I’m using, and the expected delivery date.  (for example, USPS Priority Mail is 2-3 business days, domestically)  I also ask the customer to contact me if they have any questions, which often opens up a nice dialogue and gives me a chance to get to know my customers a bit more.

Ours is a diverse group, spanning various experience levels, cultures, and continents.  This offers us all a great opportunity to learn from each other and share ideas, so please share your tips with us.

You can send tips directly to Jennifer or me through our Etsy shops.

Jennifer – greenearthgoodies

Lisa – lilfishstudios

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  1. This is going to be a brilliant addition to our team website and thank you both for your wonderful input.
    I agree wholeheartedly with Lisa about a follow up convo after a sale and a thank-you note to customers. This kind of simple communication with customers goes a very long way.
    I look forward to your weekly series.

  2. Both of your shops look fantastic, I want those beautiful felted acorns! The blog looks great too! Thanks for all your hard work.

  3. The blog looks great and I look forward to the new posts. Thanks to all for the work you’ve put into it!

  4. Yea Jennifer & Lisa & welcome fellow bloggy editors :-) Can’t wait to dig into your tips every week, seriously, any advice to help a business grow is an education worth taking the time to get!

  5. I’m seriously looking forward to some great business tips! This is going to be an awesome new blog feature!!!

  6. Hi Lisa and Jennifer,

    I am not new to Etsy, but I am going to be a new seller . I am hoping to start my shop featuring my artwork and stationery soon. So, this section of EcoEtsy ,will be something that I will be checking very often!

    Thanks for thinking of this.