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Good morning Greenies!

It is with great pleasure that I am typing up this post right now to introduce you to Karen of Karen Meyers, one of a kind upcycled, vintage and recycled woolen accessories, and Jenn (me) of Chucka Stone Designs, funky and functional fabric and faux.

*waves to everyone*

Karen is a creative and crafty gal located in Atlanta, Georgia who enjoys working as a professional seamstress and accessory designer.  Her Etsy shop is chock full of adorable, one of a kind purses, pouches, and other accessories created from felted wool scraps (whose former life tended to be sweaters) or vintage fabrics with loads of charm.  When I asked Karen why she leans toward felted wool and vintage fabrics she said “I love sewing with wool it is so forgiving and responsive, and I love thrift store shopping.  I also love making lots of different types of bags and working with sweaters lends itself to this since you only have a bit of each one, and when it is gone you have to move on to something else.”.

An Etsy shop owner for over two and a half years, Karen has been a member of the EcoEtsy team for just under a year.  She was excited to “pull more weight” with the team by sharing her take on world wide Green News and Views with the team (and the blogosphere) through this blog!  Karen has been living a Green lifestyle for years and enjoys doing her part to not, as she put it, “muck up this planet”.  And how could she not be a Greenie?  Her birthday is on Earth Day, April 22!  Welcome Karen!

I (Jenn) am a ‘Jane of all Trades’ in Boston, Massachusetts and run a full time faux finishing business by day.  Wall installs can sometimes become a bit overwhelming so to release the tension of the day to day, an Etsy shop was born in July of 2007.  I have been living a Green lifestyle in some way or another since I was a kid, as it was driven home by my mom pretty hardcore (thanks mom!), so every item in my shop is at least 50% upcycled/recycled/reused.

Because I can never be too busy, I also run two other blogs and have just put the finishing touches on my first full length novel, which I hope to have a commitment for publishing of by the end of this summer.  But after being a member of the EcoEtsy team for almost a year and a half it seemed like the right time to jump right in and become more of an active member of this amazing community.  I can’t wait to share my take on the world’s Green news with all of you!

Karen and I are always looking for ideas on topics to write about that will really grab your attention.  Do you have ideas for a fantastic article?  We would definitely love to hear about it!  Feel free to drop us a line at either:

karennava [at] charter [dot] net (Karen)


randomlunacy11 [at] yahoo [dot] com (Jenn)

You can stalk us at our shops, by clicking directly on any of the pictures above, or at these links:

Karen Meyers Homepage

Karen Meyers on Etsy

Karen Meyers on Facebook

Chucka Stone Designs Homepage

Chucka Stone Designs on Etsy

Chucka Stone Designs on Facebook

Green Leaf Reviewer (Jenn’s eco blog)

Or if you are in the Atlanta area you can purchase Karen’s items at various local fairs and festivals, please contact her for details, dates and times.

Thanks friends and go Green!

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  1. Ladies,
    I don’t know how you do it! Blogging, running etsy shops, running around with little ones, paying the bills by working full time, and contributing for the team. You guys ROCK!!

    Can’t wait to learn all about the latest eco-news and what others are doing in different parts of the world.

    Thank You!

  2. Great post ladies!! Excited for our new blog to take off!

  3. I feel the same way Karen, ready to tackle this together :-)

  4. Thanks Jenn for the awesome introduction! I know I can handle this job with you at my side!