I’m Linda Miles and my EcoEtsy shop is Fashion Green T Bags . I am very pleased to be able to bring you eco tips and tutorials for our blog. I’ve been eco-conscious since I was in the seventh grade and my teacher, Mrs. Truax (or Truex…I can’t remember) taught us to care.

I’d been making bags out of used clothing for a very short time when my daughter introduced me to Etsy and on November 30, 2007 I opened my shop. I cringe when I think of those first photos and postings and I hope that I’ve gotten better at photography and listing over the years. I use my shop to earn money to donate to the local food bank. There is a tremendous need in our community and I’m happy to be able to help as I can.

Please send me your tips and tutorials by convo:

I’m in great need of any tips/tutorials you may have because I currently have none except to encourage everyone to use reusable bags instead of using paper or plastic store bags. :)

Choose reusable!

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