Themed Nomination Winners – Celebrating the Green with the Green for Earth Day!

This week’s Themed Nomination is celebrating the Green with the Green for
Earth Day and this week’s winners are:

Kinder Cotton’s beautiful organic newborn cap nominated by Brass Paperclip who says ”  It’s got everything going for it…color green, organic, smiling face of a baby that is our future and a reminder of who we are saving the earth for…”

RosyUndPosy adorable reusable cloth sandwich bags,

nominated by Prairie Pleasant.

Sewn Natural’s wonderful organic baby blankets nominated by Kootsac.

Some other great nominations include:

1. FashionGreenBags – alternate totebag

2. LilFishStudios – felted acorns

3. Artwork by KD – soda bottle bracelett

4. GreenEarthSupplies – upcycled please recycle stickers

Thank you to everyone who sent in their nominations!

Happy Birthday Earth Day – 40 Years!

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  1. I’m honored! This team has such amazing members with beautiful items. That baby is irresistible…

  2. The soda bottle bracelet looks lovely, great for the spring!

  3. very beautiful and deserving winners..what a special way to replace the sandwich bag…

  4. Oh my…that baby is adorable! Eeep!!

    Great choices all around. I’m so flattered to have my little acorns included. Thank you, awesome teammates! Happy Earth Day!

  5. Oh wow, what a thrill! Than you for the nomination and including our new organic baby blankets here. That baby hat is unbelievable (doesn’t help with the waffling about having another one these days, that’s for sure! :)

    Happy earth celebration today!