Themed Nomination Winners- Countdown to Earth Day 2010 – Conservation

This week we are counting down to Earth Day (4/22) with our theme of conservation and this week’s winners are:

HerbFriend’s rosemary mint organic soap nominated by Kootsac.

Kootsac’s tip is:

One of the things we can do to help save the honeybees is to grow a bee friendly garden and include lots of flowers and herbs, especially those from the mint family.

MaryZoom’s clothespin bag and clothespins nominated by zJayne.

tip is:

Dry clothes on the line and save energy use while making memories with fresh air scented sheets and clothes. Gosh I remember that smell growing up (me, too!).

Kootsac’s reusable food bags nominated by rinebird.

Rinebird’s tip:

The Kootsac replaces the plastic that pollutes our landfills & the earth.

Some other great nominations include:

Awesome bottlecap magnets by BeansThings
Gorgeous We Shall Live Here mixed media canvas by TanisAlexis
McFlashpants amazing living jewelry

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  1. BululuStudio says:

    Those magnets are super cute. Congrats y'all.

  2. Thanks for the nomination Rinebird. I enjoyed the theme this week very much. Including an eco-tip was a really cool idea.

  3. Gabrielle says:

    Thanks so much for nominating my Rosemary Mint Soap! I am so happy!