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One of the things that surprised me most about opening up my shops was the time it would take to do all the other stuff besides creating: listing, taking good, artistic photos, bookkeeping, etc.  All those tasks can take the wind out of the sails of creative souls like ourselves, but there are tools, tricks and shortcuts that can minimize your time out of the studio – where suffice it to say, we’d probably all rather be!

There are dozens of apps and resources available to Etsy sellers, most of which I’ve never used and while I’m sure they’re helpful to many, today I’m going to concentrate on one tool or shortcut that I think every Etsy shop owner should consider adding to their proverbial “toolkit” – etsyhacks.

Etsyhacks was started by the husband of an Etsy seller who was looking for shortcuts to help her tackle some of the limitations of the Etsy site and help her run her business more efficiently.  He has since been hired by Etsy and continues to update the site while offering insight to Etsy developers on the very hacks he created.

As mentioned on the etsyhacks site:

Etsy’s development team are working hard to bring out new features for the site, but there’s only so much they can do. They’re going to focus on features that bring the most benefit to the most users. These scripts are provided as examples of things that can be done without needing Etsy to change anything, but which (hopefully) make the user experience better and more efficient. Less time spent administering your Etsy business, more time spent making things.

For example, my absolute favorite tool, “copy listing” allows you to make a duplicate listing of a current (not sold) item all the while allowing you to make any necessary changes before finishing the listing.  Says Evon of Cleverscene, “for any of us who sell one-of-a-kind items with a quantity of 1, etsyhacks’ ‘copy listing’ is invaluable! My products are so similar that I can copy and paste from one listing description to another, but with the ‘copy listing’ tool, I no longer have to copy and paste. It saves me tons of time.”


Some other popular Etsy Hacks include:

  • “edit this item” – which puts an edit button right on the item’s listing page so that you can edit descriptions, pictures, shipping, etc. without needing to go to the “Your Etsy” page first; furthermore, instead of taking you to the last page of your listing, it gives you the option to go directly to the page you need to edit, thereby saving a couple steps:

  • “buyer info” -which adds extra information to the “buyer” box on the receipt page including quick links that you can click on to email the buyer, convo the buyer or view previous convos with said buyer:
  • “order convo enhancer” – which adds the Etsy order number and a link to the receipt page when you convo a buyer from the receipt page:
  • “buyer notes” – which adds the “message to seller” directly onto the sold orders page which ensures you don’t miss any messages from the buyer:
  • “sold order plus” – for those who have busy shops with hundreds or thousands of sales, this script allows you to search through sold orders in more ways, including item name, buyer username or “ship-to” name; this script also allows you to see what other items the customer has purchased from you previously:

There are many more hacks, including those that allow you to add all your tags in one batch instead of one at a time and a script that allows you to upload all 5 pictures at a time, instead of waiting for each one to upload before adding another.

And then there’s the “etsyhacks update” script which will inform you, upon signing in to your shop, of any updates to any of the current hacks which keeps the information fresh and even more user-friendly.

The only caveat about utilizing etsyhacks is that it uses Greasemonkey scripts which are only supported by Firefox (an alternate web browser to Internet Explorer), so if you wish to download etsyhacks, you’ll need to switch over to Mozilla Firefox for your shop (or transfer all your bookmarks and make Firefox your default browser as I did – and believe me, the time saved has been well worth any minimal amount of trouble). Then you’ll need to quickly download Greasemonkey before downloading the etsyhacks.  All of the information is well laid out on the etsyhacks site, is easy to follow and literally takes just a few short minutes.  If you’re leary about leaving Internet Explorer, take comfort that Ian – site  developer/creator – is working on scripts in the near future that will be accessible by Internet Explorer.

Like any program, there are sometimes glitches, but Ian is quick to work on them and update accordingly.  I am a firm believer in etsyhacks, the value it has brought to my business and encourage you to check it out, search the forums for feedback and make the decision on whether it’s a fit for your business.  And though the program and scripts are complete free, Ian accepts donations for those who feel it has helped them run their business more efficiently.

Please note that EcoEtsy is not affiliated with etsyhacks, does not endorse etsyhacks and this article is the expressed opinion of the author.

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  1. This is awesome, never heard of etsyhacks before but will definitely look into working with this as I also tend to have the 1 and done type listings. Thanks for the info!

  2. holy crap you guys, this might be the single most useful blog post I’ve ever read.

  3. I’ve been meaning to install these since I started on Etsy! Thanks for making me think about it and providing the links to make it super easy!

  4. Another fantastic article. I am off to install some of these programs right now. Thank-you so much.