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Yummy eco-friendly breakfast

We eat a lot of leftovers at our house.  I frequently make “dump dinners” where I take the bits and pieces of a few days’ leftovers and cook them together in a new and sometimes delicious dish.  I hate throwing away food but despite my best efforts it still happens occasionally.  Unni, of  strandredesign has submitted the following tip for using those last pieces of bread that people seem to leave behind in the bread bag:


Reducing the amount of food we throw away is one of the best ways to keep our consumption down.

French toast is a wonderful delicious and easy course where you can use old and dry left over bread.
Actually, the recipe tells you to use dry white bread, but if you try to have a healthy diet, you might not have much white bread lying around. I use the bread I have; coarse bread or other whole flour bread, and it works well too.
All members of our family love French toast for breakfast.

I just mix some a couple of eggs with some milk, a little sugar and some cinnamon or cardamom. Then I soak the sliced bread in this and fry.

But if you would like a recipe, here’s one I found: (Just remember that you can use the sort of bread you like.)

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  1. I received this tip from Unni as I was being transitioned into the co-leader position and it didn’t make it to the blog so I am so GLAD it got posted. Thank you for a great tip and sorry it wasn’t posted earlier.

    French toast is such as great way to use up any leftover breads and it’s nutritious too! Try using fruit spread instead of syrup. And you can also use rice milk, almond milk, soy milk instead of dairy too. Great tip!

  2. I heart french toast!

    One way to make it even more sustainable is to skip the dairy and use bananas in place of eggs. 😉

  3. I use whole grain bread for french toast all the time. (Our family doesn’t eat white bread.) I add real vanilla and a pinch of salt to our recipe and it turns out to be delicious too.

  4. Great post! I was just thinking this morning that I wanted french toast, but I wasn’t sure how it would turn out with our multi-grain bread. Maura, good idea to freeze the ends and make a batch of bread crumbs!

  5. I’m making one of those dinners right now! Had some leftover garlic fries from the Mariner’s game yesterday that seriously had a whole head of chopped garlic on them…didn’t want to waste, so I added leftover baked sweet potato, crumbled bacon, fresh spinach, diced tomatoes, eggs, milks and mozzarella cheese…can’t wait for dinner!!

  6. mmm, I know what I’m making for dinner tomorrow night!

  7. yes what could be better…compost the egg shells too!!

  8. I try to use all leftover food too. One way I use up the last slice(s) of bread is to freeze them until I have enough to make to make breadcrumbs for stuffing – like French toast all kinds of breads can be mixed together.