Themed Nomination Winners – Mother’s Love

Some of the nominations I received for this week’s theme were sent with some really touching memories of mothers which made them personable and extra special.

Like this one nominated by Lynnaddison:

‘Seafoam’ stacking set rings were designed and made by JesseDanger. Lynn chose this beautiful ring set because she said they reminded her of a time spent with her mother near a turbulent stormy ocean off the coast of Southern Africa.

BrassPaperclip nominated this Happy House pillow slip made by Inklore:

Inklore says: “This pillow slip is inspired by the houses I drew as a little girl and now watch my daughter create. The front door opens to reveal the message, “you are loved”.

RedorGrayArt, who nominated Birds and Bees letterpress journal by Katrinarodabaugh says: ” I saw it and instantly felt connected to it as special gift. I see it to be used as a journal creating love notes to your own mother”.

Thanks very much for all the wonderful entries!

Have a warm and wonderful Mother’s Day with your families.

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  1. Gabrielle says:

    Those are such wonderful selections and so touching! I love them!