Themed Nomination Winners – Smart Design

Without further ado, the winners are:

So simple, yet so fun and functional.  This wooden top has been crafted by WoodToyShop whose beautiful heirloom toys are made to last from mill ends and scrap hard wood. This smart design was spotted by zJayne.

zJayne is also the maker of this very clever design:

These are such a fantastic idea! First Aid pouches made from repurposed tshirts and ready to be filled with emergency ointments, band aids, essential oils or whatever you might need for your car, boat, hiking trip or workplace. Nominated by Rinebird.

Nominated by PierogiPicnic is this very innovative design from DinnerTimeChimes: Easels made from repurposed forks for recipes or business cards .

Thank-you all for taking the time to send me such amazingly smart EcoEtsy creations.

Have a wonderful week-end.

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  1. How great to nominate and then be nominated as well, thank you, thank you, Rinebird!

    Three FAVS of mine too! I find the easels ideal for ACEO cards, perfect even and that wooden top is classic, long lasting and not only works like a charm, empowers a young child to learn while playing . . . we have one at the house and it evokes hours of play in children and adults.

  2. I have a few bent out of shape forks. These easels remind me of them. Great idea!

  3. Awesome items! I really love the first aid pouches.

  4. Very thoughtful pieces!

  5. I love all the winners! Just amazingly original work!

  6. Three amazing creations creative!!