2 Weeks and 26 Girls for Fiber and Fun

I’ve been a little busy the past couple of weeks, so it seemed  the time to write an article for our blog rolled around a little quicker than usual.  But these past couple of weeks I’ve been busy doing something that I thought might qualify as “news worthy” for our blog, so I’m gonna fill you in on Fiber and Fun Camp.

For the past two years, my friend Mary Sweeneyand I have been putting on a sewing camp for girls aged 8 -12. She’s a recyclist like myself, so last year quite a few of the projects of the projects  involved recycled materials, but his year we decided that our theme would be “Go Green” and we chose  9 out of 10 projects to involve recycling and upcycling.  For the past 3 months, we’ve been collecting supplies and materials from yard sales and thrift shops and managed to find everything except cross stitch fabric and cotton canvas second hand.

We made 2 projects from the wonderful Betz White blog. The first  using recycled ties and the second recycled pillowcases. You can find these tutorials on the sidebar of her blog, and they we’re fun and easy to make.

As you can see from the pictures, they loved both these projects and didn’t want to take them off!

Mary and I both use recycled sweaters in our product, so we had plenty of scraps around for use in our projects and as well for a little free sewing time when the girls came up with amazing creations such as shoes, puppets and arm slings!

We  had “Project Runway” day when we paired up the girls and gave them a bag full of supplies to come up  with 2 purse ideas which we would then help them execute.  The bags they came up with were really great and we loved seeing them bring them back to camp full of books and their necessities on the last 2 days.

We also did plastic bag fusing (with a stern warning to make sure your parents are involved in this project) , felted self portraits and cross stitch.
But the best part was that new friendships were made. Existing friendships were nurtured, and the girls learned a lot about sewing, crafting and recycling.

I’m a little tired, but it was so worth it!

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  1. I can use this type of a camp in my area! What a great idea!!