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How did you get started in your chosen craft?

I actually got started making jewelry, and then back in 2005 a friend taught me how to sew. It was like something clicked, and suddenly all I wanted to do was sew! I haven’t looked back.

How do you make your craft or etsy store eco friendly?

All of my products are made using revamped, vintage, remnant, and/or organic materials.

Why did you join the EcoEtsy Team?

My friend Karen suggested that I join the team, and I’m so glad I did! You guys are such a kind, supportive group.

Where do you get your ideas/inspiration?

So much of my inspiration comes from the kitchen. I love cooking and spend a lot of time in there.

Which piece in your shop is your current favorite?

Probably the Late Night Full Cupcapron. The color scheme is based on a custom order that I did not too long ago, where someone asked if I could make an evil Cupcapron! The evil version had a cupcake pocket with a mischievous grin and horns. It was one of the most fun custom orders ever.

What are you currently working on?

The big project I’m working on now is my part of a panel discussion for the Summit of Awesome. Christine Claringbold, Stephanie Weber and I are doing a talk and Q&A on green crafting, and I also have a demo on making your own Cup Glove later on at the conference. I get nervous about speaking in front of people, so I want to be super duper prepared.

What steps have you taken to lead a green life style?

My husband and I do our best to reduce our footprints wherever we can. Atlanta is not the most walkable city, but we chose a house near the MARTA so that we could be a one car family. Sharing a car takes a little bit of coordinating sometimes, but it’s so worth it. We also compost our kitchen scraps and get our veggies from a local CSA . I try to cook our meals as much as possible, because the waste associated with takeout or delivery food is so ridiculous.

Is your art/craft your full time job? If not what do you do to pay the bills?

I do craft full time, but I split my time between crafting and freelance blogging, mostly for environmental websites. You can find my writing at Eat Drink Better, Crafting a Green World, Live Oak Media, Care2’s Healthy and Green Living section, and at Ecolocalizer.

What do you do when you are not crafting?

Cooking! I love being in the kitchen. When I was a kid, the rule in the house was that if you cook, you don’t have to clean up, so I got my pops to teach me how to cook at a pretty young age. Whether I’m just making dinner for me and Dave or whipping something up for a potluck with friends, I love doing anything food-related.

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  1. Becky, love your work! If I had my way I’d be sewing all day, so you and I are kindred spirits.

  2. I just want to say how lucky we are to have Becky in our team. She is a great writer. I really don’t know how she finds the time to write all those great articles for those blogs!. One day, I literally read four of her articles that were delivered to my inbox without knowing that the writer was her.

    Welcome to EcoEtsy Becky!

    (I love your Cupcaprons!)