Flickr – Moving Beyond Basics

A few weeks ago we talked about the basics of using Flickr as a tool to showcase your work.  Today we’ll cover a few more tips for using Flickr that move past the basics and help you make the most of your experience.

Vintage Camera 4 x 6 Fine Art Photograph by Giggling Gnome

Check out those settings

Your account settings – if you haven’t looked here yet, you should.  There are several customizations you can make, here are but a few.   You can change settings by going to “your account” and choosing from one of the 4 tabs.

  • Personal Information– includes, well, your personal information but it also allows you to change how your Flickr page is arranged; small photos and sets, medium photos, etc.
  • Privacy & Permissions – includes “Allow your stuff to be added to a gallery”, “Hide your stuff from public searches”,  and designates who can print your photos (if you want to sell your photographs, you might choose to limit printing to just you.)
  • Emails & Notifications – gives you the option to upload your photos to Flickr via email, and dictates how other Flickr users can contact you.
  • Sharing & Extending – gives you the option to automatically upload your Flickr photos to Facebook,  link photos to your blog, Twitter, and more.

Your image settings – when you upload photos to Flickr, you can choose the privacy – whether it’s available publicly or privately at upload.  You can also change copyright settings, apply a Creative Commons license, and add your image to your map, showing the image’s geographical location.  These settings can be easily changed in the “Additional Information” area at the bottom right of your photo’s page.

Stats –  If you have a Flickr “Pro” (paid) account, you have access to stats on your images.  By clicking on “your stats” you’ll see which of your photos has received the most views, and from where those views are coming.  You should be able to identify which search terms are being used to find your images, and even get a heads up on big blog mentions.  If you see a sudden influx of activity on your Flickr photos, you may be able to identify the source even before your Google alert hits your inbox.

Popular – this tab on your Flickr page will show you at a glance which of your photos has had the most views, the most comments, and which have the most “interestingness”.  Cindi from BrassPaperclip found this type of information helpful for branding.  “That is ultimately what led me to pick the photo I use for my Twitter background, Etsy banner, Blog banner and business cards…it was a favorite photo by a long-shot.”

Eco-Friendly Layered Jeweled Flower - OOAK by BrassPaperclip

Make a badge/widget for your blog

You can create a badge for your blog or website featuring photos from your Flickr account, or from a group to which you belong.  They can be customized to show off a certain set or group of photos, which is handy if you’d like to highlight a specific piece for instance, or perhaps photos of you in action in your studio. For example, I use a flash badge on my blog that shuffles through my “felted wool” set on Flickr but I may change that as I focus on different work. It keeps my craftwork visible on my blog, even when I’m blogging about other topics. When a reader clicks on the Flickr badge, they’ll land on my Flickr account where they can browse more photos and hopefully a deeper understanding of my work.

Creating a badge involves a few simple steps, and within minutes you’ll be ready to go.  Access the badge-maker here:

Edit your photos

Flickr interfaces with Picnik, an online photo editing tool.  In Picnik you’re able to crop, re-size, sharpen, adjust color, remove red-eye, and more.   A paid membership on Picnik offers the ability to upload entire batches of photos at once, edit them, and then save them directly to Flickr while the free account lets you edit photos one at a time.   Mac users can also edit photos in iPhoto and then upload them directly to Flickr.

Order product

Flickr makes it easy to order product right from the website, featuring the photos you have in your Flickr account.   Cindi points out that they have a great partnership with Moo.  She adds “It’s nice to be able to have business cards printed with my very best photos on them…it creates a nice branding continuity.  You can order everything from  prints to business cards, calendars, and more.”    Some users have found these to be great promotional items or even as stock for their shops.  Being able to skip the step of uploading photos, and instead using them directly from Flickr, makes the whole process a little easier.

FD’s Flickr Toys

FD’s Flickr toys: is a website that let’s the Flickr user create mosaics, identify if any of your photos have made Explore, view your photos on an all black background, and much, much more.  The mosaic tool is really handy in that it creates a bit of code that automatically links the image to the Flickr account it came from.  For instance, if you are creating a mosaic of red items from the EcoEtsy team pool, it will provide the links to each photo, giving each person credit for their image.  You can either save the image to your computer, or share it via Twitter, Facebook, and more.

1. Red Double Sea Circle, 2. vintage chinese shirt softcover journal, 3. Tree notecard, 4. COLORBOMB ‘Pink Poodle’ Shaganator handspun art yarn mosaic, 5. Amoeba, 6. Custom Made Tea Cozy, 7. Headlight, 8. Fish Mini wall art, 9. red and white plarn ball

Have you employed any of these tips?  What have you found to be advantageous?  What isn’t working for you?  Please leave a comment and share your experiences, we’d love to hear.

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  1. Thanks Annabelle, I hope you let us know how they turn out.

    StitchnStudio- absolutely!

    Andrea – that’s a great idea, very smart.

    Karen – actually you can upload photos from your computer as well as pull from either Flickr or a Facebook album. Lots o’ possibilities.

  2. Lisa, you are a God sent!!! I’ve dying to find out how to do Mosaic so that I can feature some sellers on my blog! Does it ONLY create mosaics from Flickr photos???

  3. Yes,I’ve found the mosaic maker very helpful when i feel an item needs more than 5 pics on etsy.Example:

  4. Oh thanks for the badge info. I needed this.

  5. Thanks for sharing these great tips regarding Flickr. I’ll definately be applying some of your suggestions.

  6. Good luck, Tonya. I hope you let us know how it works out for you. Lisa

  7. Thank you so much for sharing all of this information. When I go to the library on Saturday and can access high speed I plan to apply much of this.
    Warm wishes, Tonya