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Recently I have become a whole lot more concerned with what I eat.  How I eat, what it is, organic, vegetables, whole grains, grass fed — all these issues and more take center stage when at the grocery store.  And it isn’t just because of the various environmental / humanitarian causes I support.  In truth I have let my weight and muscle tone get away from me and I would like to get healthy again!

Over the past couple years (and no, I don’t place the blame solely on getting older!) I have noticed weight start to tack onto my body in ways I never would have imagined in my mid twenties.  I have developed a little of that spare tire midsection and heaviness on the underside of my arms.

The horror!

My entire life, from birth through my early thirties, I was super active and ate pretty much whatever my body told me I should ingest.  If I was in need of iron I’d have a bacon cheese burger, needed something sweet chocolate was paramount on the menu, wanted to feel healthy I’d eat a salad.  The plan never failed.

But then I stopped listening to my body, stopped eating a variety of healthier foods in moderation.  I suppose because we went through a semi blip in our finances my family stopped spending on things like fruits and veggies but somewhere along the way my entire kitchen became overstuffed with processed foods.

And that’s when it happened.  Weight magically appeared, excess flabbiness started to jiggle, I became super self conscious and most of my wardrobe stopped fitting.  I know a lot of people can relate — I am married to someone who is going through the same issue and have friends with similar concerns as well.

It is time to take back control.

With the help of the farmer’s market, the sudden influx of organic produce at my grocery store (to supplement the local, organic grown from the FM), vegan and vegetarian cookbooks, support from family and friends, plus my treadmill, I am bound and determined to get healthy again!

I am only about 15 pounds overweight, a manageable number that I can handle getting rid of, and I know that it all comes down to is drastically changing my eating habits and working in a daily exercise routine again.

But why? 

Is it really all that important to eat organic produce?  Is there a benefit to consuming locally grown other than to support the local economy?

Well, in short, yes!

Organic produce simply means the food was grown without using chemicals; the items are free from anything unnatural, so if there is a deterrent or other pesticide type applied it must be derived from plants or animals. 

This just makes sense.  By not ingesting unnecessary chemicals into the body we are ensuring our immune, digestive and other systems are in the best working order.  Plus, organic certification can be applied to all manner of foods so I won’t ever feel like I’m missing out on anything.  Trader Joe’s even sells on organic chocolate bar!

I mentioned the Farmer’s Market as well.  There, I can purchase not only organic but, locally grown fruits and veggies too.  This too is important because I am consuming foods raised right in my own geographic region.  They don’t have yucky chemicals and they didn’t get trucked in from thousands of miles away which means less emissions go into the air.

That helps us all stay healthier and supports the economy of the area where I live so those with small businesses can thrive so it boosts the economy too.  Win – win!

Walking 2-3 miles a day and seriously cutting back on the number of pre-processed foods that make their way into my house will definitely impact how I feel and the shape of my body so I am challenging myself to tone up, drop just the few pounds necessary (even if I stay the same scale-based weight because I gain in muscle mass) and go back to eating a more nutritious diet.  I have a vacation coming up mid July and my goal is to feel toned enough to be comfortable in the bathing suit I wore two summers ago.

Wish me luck as I go back to the healthier eating habits I used to follow, but this time I’m doing it without chemicals on my food!

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  1. Ooh thanks for the book recommendation Rachel, I’m hitting the library this week and will look for that one. Of course, because its only 6-7 blocks away, I will be walking to burn baby burn! Its true that Green = healthy in so many ways and so far so good on the new diet & exercise plan (I actually started about 6 weeks ago full steam ahead and not a lot of weight dropped yet but I feel so much better already!). Thanks for the encouragement everyone!

  2. The beauty of living a greener lifestyle is that it naturally makes us more healthy. Walking and biking more and driving less burns those calories. Being conscious of what we eat and choosing healthier foods… It’s all good!

  3. Such a great testimonial to natural and organic foods. There is a huge price to be paid for the denatured foods that have become the norm in so many homes. Good for you!
    And yay for farmer’s markets – I run our local one here and besides being the best place to buy fresh local food, it is a wonderful gathering place for our small community.

  4. Great goals Jenn and thanks for sharing. Local produce is not only good for the environment and your community, it’s good for you too. Typically you’ll find varieties that pack much more nutrients and antioxidants than the bland mass-produced grocery store fruits and veggies. I’m currently reading Barbara Kingsolver’s Animal, Vegetable, Miracle-I highly recommend this book!

  5. i am shaking my head YES to just about everything you have written iin this post ..heres to healthy new habits !!