How to Make a Disposable Razor Last Longer

In a perfect world perhaps no one would ever have to shave. For those of us who do shave, the following is a tip from Winkydinks that will make our razors last longer.  I can’t wait to try this. I don’t use disposable razors but I use replaceable razor blades and this should work on those too. I’m hoping it does!

By Winkydinks:

We read about this online and tried it, and it DOES work! Our disposable razors have lasted 3-5 times longer than normal by running them along an old pair of jeans. What a simple way to cut down on razors (less waste, and saves money!). My husband gets about a month out of his (versus a few shaves), and I don’t even remember the last time I replaced mine!

Run the blade the opposite way you’d shave along the jean material about 10 times (you don’t need to press hard)

Then turn it around and run it back the other way another 10 times.

You can see other tips for making your razors last longer on this article I posted as well on WikiHow!

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  1. What a neat tip… and it’s soooo simple!

  2. awesome! I will tell my daughter about this – she is a smooth freak!

  3. Thanks for that great tip! I am anxious to try it.