Introducing our new co-editors!

Hello team!  Today I want to take the opportunity to introduce you to the new co-editors that have joined me on the business tips front:

Lori of Lorigami

and Myra of AnarchyinBeauty

Myra of AnarchyinBeauty is a single mom of three girls  and an instructional designer by profession.  Growing up in Puerto Rico, she developed a passion for color and the skill for creating natural cosmetics – learning at an early age from her grandmother, Margarita.  Before opening her Shop on Etsy and joining the EcoEtsy family, Myra was the owner and operator of Beautiful Diva, a mineral makeup cosmetic company which she operated for over 5 years before selling her company in 2009.  In 2007, Myra appeared on Oprah with Instant Eyeshadow. She has been through the hoops and traveled the roads of business ownership and is looking forward to sharing her tips with you.

From Myra's shop

Lori of Lorigami says:

One of my earliest memories is of a warm summer day spent sitting crafting with my great-grandmother at a table outside in her garden. She taught me to see not only what something was, but what it could be, often making beautiful objects out of other people’s trash.

My first job was in grade school, designing and sewing dresses for my classmates on my mother’s clunky old Kenmore sewing machine. The desire to create has never left and since then I’ve had jobs as a photographer, a designer, a painter, an artist’s model, and a jeweler.

I live with my husband and entirely too many cats in a little house we hope to someday be finished renovating. I haunt flea markets and second-hand stores because I’ve never lost my love of making something beautiful out of something other people have forgotten.

I’m still designing and sewing, but these days I make more of an effort to use materials that are sustainable and good for the earth. To me, the greenest object is the one that already exists, so I focus on reconstructing and reusing vintage and thrifted finds.  I also do custom work and alterations, and am starting a series of classes to teach people the skills Home Ec used to cover. I feel lucky to be able to live this way, to do what I love.

Some of the topics we hope to cover in the coming months include: writing a business plan, delving in craft shows, working with galleries and boutiques, keeping motivated, managing your inventory, managing your time, keeping organized, using coupon codes, providing freebies with orders, dealing with wholesale accounts, utilizing more business shortcuts…just to name a few!

We sincerely appreciate everyone who has and continues to give us information/tips/advice/quotes when we put out a call for info.  It helps make our posts more dynamic and everyone on this team has something valuable to share.  It’s just our job to culminate the info in a tidy package and present it to you.

So please welcome my fellow co-editors Lori and Myra and please also take a moment to thank Lisa for the valuable information she provided us all.  We hope you’ll keep coming back every Friday to read our latest business tips!

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  1. greetings and wonderful to see the newest journal writers!

  2. Yea Lori & Myra! Welcome to the awesomest team of bloggers anywhere :-) Really looking forward to your business tips each Friday!

  3. welcome and many thanks for taking on this important task!!