Themed Nomination Winners – Vintage Celebrates Unconsumption!

This week’s themed nomination was our team’s vintage treasures and this week’s winners are:

Vera Vague Box-O-Trix

VeraVague’s box-o-trix (is this the best picture ever or what?) nominated by Retrolabs.

EcoEtsy Amazing Vintage Winners

The other winning nominations in no particular order :

1. Brass Paper Clips nominated by zJayne

2. NowVintage nominated by Uncorked

3. VeraVague nominated by SewnNatural

4. SimpleDream2 nominated by BeJeweledNH

5. RetroLabs nominated by Uncorked

6. VintagebyAlexKeller nominated by NowVintage

Check out more of Ecoetsy’s amazing vintage selection here and a big thanks to everyone who sent in their nominations!

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  1. thank you so much for the nomination :)
    (made me so happy after a long day of travel!)

  2. Thanks for the nomination Cat! Wonderful collection of vintage goodness!

  3. i really enjoy seeing this weeks choices …all amazing…and so artistically presented Cat!