An Update on The Uniform Project

Year 1 was a huge success, and year 2 started  August 1st!  The Uniform Project (U.P.) is doing things a little differently this time. They have created a  â€˜Pilot Series’ – a monthly series of micro-challenges featuring “1 Dress for 1 Month for 1 Cause”. The U.P. will unveil a new face in a new dress each month, who will take on the one dress challenge to fundraiser for a cause of their choice?

Each Pilot will be picked from a niche of unique, creative individuals with exceptional style. Each month, the Pilot will raise funds for a worthy cause, in turn bringing global awareness to each charity they support. In addition, each Pilot will design her own little black dress (LBD) and the U.P. will release a limited edition run of the dress in support of her chosen charity.
So, you want to know more?

Check out the blog  here
Sign up to receive “the dailies” for Year 2   here
Make a donation to the cause  here
Make your own dress here
Buy the dress here
Watch the Year 1 video here

Since I am writing this before the weekend (I’ll be spending the last week of summer with my family on our sailboat and won’t have access to computer) I don’t know who the first pilot will be. According to the U.P. blog, “she’s a NYC local with a style and point of view like no other. She’s delightful, dry, artistic, slightly subversive, and just cool.”
I can’t wait to find out!

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  1. i can’t sew worth a darn, so i’ve ordered the dress – can’t wait!

  2. The Uniform Project is fabulous. My long-time friend and NYC fashion designer, Tara St. James (who recently became their inhouse fashion + production manager) gave a sneak peek of the new August pilot from New Yorker India today on her blog – check it out here

    I’m planning to order my LBD from the Uniform Project as a pattern (that comes with fabric) to make myself … so many ways to support this project and have a gorgeous frock!