Finding your Focus

Hello! It’s time for another installment of Team Eco Etsy Business tips. *cue soundtrack*
On my last visit here I shared with you the trials and tribulations that were part of the process of writing my business plan. That was a tricky post to write, and I have to admit it was a lot of information to process. I thought I might revisit some of the points over my next couple rounds here, and the first one I want to talk about is the Mission Statement/Company Vision section.
Like I mentioned before, a huge sticking point for me was figuring out how to sum up the many aspects of my crafting into a nice, neat little package. Every business article I read said I needed to “find my focus” and that once I’d done that, the rest of the pieces would just fall right into place.

Focus Necklace by Polarity

Of course none of those articles gave any instructions for how to get to that nice happy focused place, so I had to get creative. I adapted an exercise from a friend who is in school to be a counselor, (she likes having people to practice on!) and here is the end result.

Go to your shop right now with a pencil and paper and look at your items. Write down every word that comes to mind when you look at them.


Now, go through and weed out the things like “blue” and “cotton” to get to the descriptions like “handmade”, “recycled”, and “good value”. Now narrow it down to the most important of those words. Don’t think too hard on it, just let your gut do the work for you. You want the two or three things that you cannot see yourself compromising in creating an item for sale.
Once you have those words, there’s your mission statement! (Just figure out how to make a coherent sentence or two out of them)

Sowing the seeds of guerrilla gardening love.

That’s how I did it, but I’m no expert so if you’ve got other tricks that worked for you, I’m sure we’d all love to hear them in the comments.

Until next time, happy crafting!

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  1. a brilliant exercise!!

  2. Thank you guys, and Amy, I love your statement!

  3. I love your organic way to come up with a mission statement. It’s much more fresh and real than anything I’d come up with on my own. (Too many years as a programmer and writing manuals in my “past life”. BLAH.) I just tried it and here’s what I came up with, “To provide handmade, reusable, unique easy to care for items and supplies that will enrich my customers’ lives.”

  4. fantastic advice to come back to this morning, thank you. i have been stumped lately with a few business moments and bringing home these points helps a ton. xo