Business Tip: How to Improve Your Etsy Shop

When I first opened my Etsy shop, I spent hours and days trying to figure out how to make my Etsy shop appealing for my customers and make them want to make a purchase.  I remember asking lots of questions and getting some awesome tips.  It’s been a year since I really decided to give my Etsy shop some love and there is still so much to learn.

I asked EcoEsty team members the following question,

“All Etsy Shop owners work hard to make their sites look appealing and keep visitors on their site, this is sometimes easier said than done.  What is your best tip for improving your Etsy Shop?”

Green Earth Goodies

1. Change up your pictures when renewing

If I’m renewing an item that hasn’t sold, I try to reshoot the picture or sometimes even changing the main picture and that will usually do the trick.

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2. Keep your Shop Announcement brief!

Your Shop Announcement is most likely the first contact you have with your customers, so it is important that it is clear and appealing. However, make sure it is brief!!!

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Vintage by Alex Keller

3. Smile for the camera

Photography = best way to get people into your shop & to keep clicking. If you make a lot of the same item, vary the 1st photo & use ‘rearrange your shop to make your shop interesting. Put your best on pg 1!

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Neena Creates

4. Add your links!

Within shop description add links to your shop, a shop section, link to another item that’s similar to your listing, it makes it easier for customers to be tempted to stay in your shop by giving choices.

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5. Color and Contrast – Visually Draw Us In!

Photos are what bring people in. Keep your photos simple, well lit and have vibrant colorsor a lot of contrast.

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6. Show Your Stuff

I think it’s important to use relevant, innovative props in your pictures. For my herbal shop, pictures with real herbs really pop!

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So there you go, six (6) great tips from our experienced EcoEtsy team members.  If you have a great tip for improving your Etsy shop post it as a comment to this post.  We’d love to hear from you!

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  1. I am a new to Etsy and looking for the advice I can get. Thanks for the advice.

  2. thanks guys for the tips!

    I also add in market or art stall photos in my listings, displaying all my stationery products. And sometimes I include a photo of my workspace with my illustrations!

  3. Nice tips!
    Also, try to keep your shop look cohesive and updated in all aspects you can think of: pics, pricing, styling, shop announcement etc.

  4. Wonderful advice… esp loved the one about the props… I’ve been trying to do that… I think it also gives size relativity…

  5. Magnificent ideas and way to keep us on our toes! Thank you.

  6. All great tips but I sense a common theme of good photos. I have been letting my items fall off as they expire because I want to completely revamp my shop this fall. The tips here are going to be SOOOOO useful as I bring it back up again. Thanks!

  7. thanks so much for including my tip! i like jennifer’s to change up the first picture when renewing – makes thins look fresh :)

  8. great tips one and all!!