Letting Nature Work for You — Part II: Beauty Isn’t A Beast!

Good morning friends and fans of all things planet! I’m back with the second part of the three part series on how natural elements can be used as fabulous and effective home remedies! Today’s focus is on beauty and body care.

Before we go any further however I’d like to lay out the same disclaimer I alerted everyone to the last time. Not all things are right for all people so…

I would like to point out of course that none of the home remedies listed here have been approved by the FDA. I/We in no way want to attempt to diagnose or cure anyone’s ailments, but rather, share some of the things that have worked for many of us in the past to alleviate ills through natural based resources. None of the information within is meant to take the place of a doctor’s diagnosis and I strongly urge everyone to do their own research and use caution if and when you take part in any of the natural festivities within.

With that said, let’s get on with the fun!

For me, chemicals have never really felt right on my skin. With skin being our largest organ I always want to make sure it is getting the proper nutrition (if you will) so I like to pamper it. Even if that pampering is nothing more than an ice cube on a mosquito bite, something about reaching back into the planet and pulling out the elements within makes me feel even more connected to the planet when I put them on (or in!) my person.

The old movies in the 80’s had lots of women placing cucumber slices on their eye lids as a way to calm their eyes and the reason is it works! Cucumber is full of beneficial properties that make it an ideal little piece of beauty arsenal. Fifteen or so minutes with a couple slices and puffy eyes look less so and they will glow as if they’re fresh from the spa.

Jeanne of Vintage Renewal is all about glowing skin as well. She uses a body scrub created from olive oil and sugar, to not only exfoliate all the old skin cells, but to nourish the new ones that take their place. I bet this smooth and sweet body treat would be a perfect precursor for shaving our legs. Beach approved!



Speaking of natural shower remedies, Erin of Krugs Eco-Logic likes her hair to be clean, silky and shiny so how does she do it? Well not only does she sell an all natural hair soap in her shop that the whole family uses (yea!) but after using it she likes to rinse with a big cup of water and a couple tablespoons of vinegar.



Mary at Herban Lifestyle couldn’t agree more! She suggests “If you use shampoo in the form of a soap bar, it is helpful to rinse your hair with vinegar once every week or two. For an extra boost, you can infuse the vinegar with sage (for dark hair) or chamomile (for light hair). After shampooing, pour about 1/2 cup of vinegar onto your hair (you should adjust this according to the length and volume of your hair, making sure to saturate it). Allow to sit for several minutes, then rinse.”


Tammy at Tamdoll is all about making sure her tootsies stay as pretty and soft as possible. She fills a bucket with warm water and adds about ¼ cup of baking soda to the liquid. Her tired feet graciously accept the soaking; this would be a handy tip for anyone on their feet all day (nurses, retail, construction workers, etc.).


I am all about doing at home what other people pay someone else to do and have never paid for a pedicure in my life. In addition to Tammy’s suggestion which I do use, I like to add a couple drops of lavender essential oil to the foot bath. Not only does it provide an extra layer of softness but it smells wonderful while I file and polish my piggies.

What tips do you have for achieving natural beauty?  Tell us what has worked for you and your recipe!

Next up in the series: Natural Ways to Treat Ailments. Look for it two weeks from today!

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  1. Lavender is an awesome idea to add to the foot soak! I will have to make that an addition next time I get to soak my feet.

  2. Great article and well written! I don’t take baths often as they use us so much water and I’m on a well in the parched Colorado mountains. But when I do the occasional treat, I go all out. Depending on my mood, season, and skin I might add oils, non-fat milk, oatmeal, herbal teabags, honey, herbs, epsom salts or essential oils to the water.

    In between the times that I take those special soaks, I will make a simple sugar scrub and add to it ingredients that remind me of the summer. For example, I can’t wait for it to get into full fall mode so that I can use pumpkin spices in my mix.

    For more on the bath or scrub, here’s a post I did on it last year with some recipe ideas: http://greenearthgoodies.wordpress.com/2009/09/27/simple-pleasures-in-a-busy-world-aromatherapeutic-healing-baths/

    Thanks Jen! This was a fun read! :)

    • Ooh that is a fab list of ideas Jennifer! I especially love the sock idea — we can be creative with not only the items that go into the water but also how they get there. Great post, glad you enjoyed this one too and thanks for sharing yours!