Letting Nature Work for You Part III: That Which Ails You Colds and Allergies

Well friends, summer has seemingly officially come to a close here in Boston. One day it was in the mid 90’s and humid, the next it was in the upper 60’s and dry. Welcome to New England season change! It seems like the perfect time to run a series on ailments!

Please read and understand the disclaimer:

I would like to point out of course that none of the home remedies listed here have been approved by the FDA. I/We in no way want to attempt to diagnose or cure anyone’s ailments, but rather, share some of the things that have worked for many of us in the past to alleviate ills through natural based resources. None of the information within is meant to take the place of a doctor’s diagnosis and I strongly urge everyone to do their own research and use caution if and when you take part in any of the natural festivities within.

I received so many awesome tips and recipes on this topic that I think breaking it out even further is going to be most helpful, that way no one’s tips or suggestions get lost in a 3,000 word sea of blog post! So for the first in the ailment series it only seems right to share any and all help for the mother of all — the head cold — plus its second cousin — allergy season.

With fall and back to school season here right now there are sure to be more people catching colds. Getting rid of their symptoms the natural way means no chemicals in the body and our fantastic team has once again come through with a slew of tips for how to tell our bugs to take a hike!

No one seemed to be able to say enough about the neti pot. Yancy at FiveSeed uses one of these small, skinny looking teapot type devices twice a day for colds. Jen at WinkyDinks finds them useful for her allergies as well “The neutral saline solution does wonders!!” And Janet at MonkeyDogStudio couldn’t agree more that this little wonder helped her get through allergy season with ease.




A head cold can be a truly yucky experience so that’s why a bunch of teammates shared their recipes for soothing, sipable concoctions. Ah warm comfort!

“I cut up fresh ginger, pour boiling water over it and let it steep. Then I mix in some honey and fresh lemon. It tastes great and feels good too.”
Mary of Herban Lifestyle

“For my daughter I mix Sniffles blend which helps to clear her sinuses when she has trouble with her allergies and asthma.”
Desiree of ArtZebo Creations

“My favorite home remedy helps a bad cold. You basically make a little concoction with fresh squeezed lemon juice, honey, cayenne & chopped garlic. Drink it in small doses as a cocktail style shot followed with a warm water chaser to wash it down. I advise making them fresh per dose rather than a batch. Have one 2-3 times per day from the onset of symptoms until you are feeling better. It really helps!! This also makes a yummy marinade:)”
Jessica of Angel Face Botanicals





Those who don’t want to drink a homemade tonic can let the heat and humidity of steam, do the work. As a kid I remember my mom running a humidifier in our room at night. It helped me sleep because my throat didn’t dry out in the crispy New England weather.

Tanja from TanjaSova agrees that breathing in something fresh will provide relief “basil: handful of basil in about 3 cups of boiled water inhalation helps with clogged sinuses and respiratory infections, not to mention that it calms.” Two unconventional items also make the cut for Tanja, wool and salt. Getting snuggly in any and every thing wool from head to toe is a start. Then heating up some salt on the stove top and double wrapping in soft cloth (be wary of burns!) creates a heating pad that lasts for the achy spots.


Yancy at FiveSeed is one who likes to do as much as possible to ward off sickness so for a cold in addition to the tip above: “inhale a steambath with eucalyptus essential oil 3-5 times a day” and “use heat packs on your sinuses or chest.” And it works! “doing this clears up my colds in 48 hours or less.”

For me, nothing works on a cold like a pair of comfy slipper socks and my sweats, a good hot cup of decaf tea with honey and lemon and a cheesy comedy movie. After all, don’t they say ‘laughter is the best medicine’? (Plus of course Matt thawing out for me a big bowl of home made chicken soup that I always keep in the freezer)

What are your tips for relieving the symptoms of your colds and allergies?

Next up from me — the final installment in this Natural series, the rest of the tips on what ails you! From sore throat relief to irritated skin, from swimmers ear to migraines and just about everything in between. You don’t want to miss it, up in two weeks!

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  1. thanks for all the great tips!
    one of my favorite things to have when i’m sick is a super spicy bowl of curry soup from my local saigonese restaurant. It has coconut milk and veggies and is so spicy it makes your nose run!
    also, when i’m starting to feel sick, i always take lots of odorless garlic pills- great immunity boosters.

    • Ooh of course, spicy food is a great way to feel better, you sweat out all the bad stuff. Good point on the running nose, makes it easier to get it out. Thanks for the tip on odorless garlic too, anything to build immunity is good!

  2. Thanks for including me in this fabulous post!