The Bus Chick’s Manifesto

As usual this weekend I was catching up on some of my favorite podcasts  and I heard an interview and a “This I Believe” essay from the Bus Chick.  I had one of those driveway moments when you can’t get out of the car until you finish listening even if you have frozen groceries melting away in the back seat so I thought  it worthy to share on the blog.

First off, who is the Bus Chick?

the Bus Chick riding with her Chicklets

Carla  is  Seattle based writer and mother of two is also a full time bus rider. She gave up her car  (and her commute) in 2003 and has been riding the bus exclusively for the past 7 years. She met her husband on the bus and she even rode the bus to the hospital to give birth to her first child, and rode teh bus home from the hospital again with her newborn baby Rosa. You can hear her tell a bit more this story about herself in this video and about the inspiration for her daughters name, who is also affectionately known as Chicklet.

She writes a blog for   Seattle PI which she describes  as both serious and silly.  She writes not only about the environmental and personal benefits of car free living as well as fun entries in the “overheard” category on the blog about  things she may overhear on the bus or her children’s take on the bus riding life. 

This is a funny  entry:

Chicklet and I are playing with puzzles in the (air conditioned) library. We start with the farm animals, then move to reptiles and amphibians, letters and numbers, and et cetera.

When we get to the vehicle puzzle, Chicklet picks up the car piece, studies it for a second, and announces, to no one in particular, “A Zipcar!”

The sidebar of her blog is full of handy links to a car free life, other bus rider’s blogs and all kinds of handy information. Check it out, it’s fun reading.

But it was the “This I Believe”  essay that drew me in. The last paragraph  is powerful:

I believe in clean air, in keeping cities dense and vibrant, and in protecting our remaining farmland and forests. I believe in the beauty of Puget Sound and the majesty of Mount Rainier. I believe that human life is sacred, that the world’s resources should be shared and that every choice matters.

I believe that change is possible — if all of us ride.

And the rest is a delight! Read the whole thing here, or listen to the audio.

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  1. “This I Believe” is one of my regular downloads. It is amazing and many sage pieces of advice have stuck with me over the years. Thanks for sharing this with everyone!

  2.…I do love this: “I believe in clean air, in keeping cities dense and vibrant, and in protecting our remaining farmland and forests.” My husband laments when we drive past beautiful delta soil that has been composting naturally for eons and would be fabulous for agriculture only to see it being developed for housing. His theory is that the people should live in the areas that cannot support agriculture….and we grow our food in the good soil.