Themed Nomination- Confucius

 It is time again for the weekly Themed Nomination. September is sometimes a difficult month to find items of interest to highlight. School is underway, it’s not quite Halloween. So, what is a blog contributor to do? Search high and low, of course! And, I have found an interesting theme for sure- Confucius. Today, September 28, is the birthday of the great Chinese philosopher and teacher.

 Confucius was a teacher of humanism, virtue, harmony and is said to be the inventor of “The Golden Rule”.  So, this week, we are looking for items associated with wisdom, teaching, harmony, sharing, all the good stuff! The “Grey Inspiration Apples” pictured above are made by team member La Pomme and while they are not a Confucius saying, I think they are a great example of what we are searching for.

You can do a tag search on Etsy for ‘teamecoetsy’ to find an item or items you’d like to nominate and please send your nominations via Etsy convo to Gillian at Mon Ami Vie. The deadline is 2PM EST on Wednesday.

Winners will be chosen based on:

1. Picture Quality

2. Appropriateness to the Theme

3. Originality

Happy Hunting, everyone!

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