Themed Nomination Winner- Autumn Equinox

Thanks to everyone who sent in nominations for this week’s theme “Autumn Equinox”.

And the winner is…..

Lil Fish Studios’  Green Wool Apple Ornament, pictured above and nominated by One Loom Studio and Brass Paperclip.

Happy Autumn Equinox team!

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  1. Congratulations!I love your shop!

  2. So adorable! They’d be a lovely addition to any fall centerpiece. Congratulations Lisa :-)

  3. Magnificent! Lovely choices!

  4. shecological says:

    these are so sweet and really well made! great photo too! nice job!

  5. Wahoo!! Congrats!! They are adorable!! :)

  6. Oh my!! What a great thing to wake up to. Thank you so much, One Loom, and Brass. 😀