Themed Nomination Winners – Back to School

Many thanks for the nominations I received for this week’s theme ‘Back to School’

Without further ado here are the amazing winners:

Another great lunch bag idea was nominated by BululuStudio.

Fused and Reused! Reusable lunch bag cleverly constructed by Copabananas from recycled plastic bags

Such another excellent use of  recycled plastic from DebbieAremDesigns:

Recycled circuit board bookmark

Janssendesigns suggested this very cool drawstring backpack made from an upcycled urban skate shirt:

This little backpack will fold up small until needed and is perfect for a boy or girl – made by Ojami.

Your participation in this series during one of the busiest months of the year has been very much appreciated – thank-you.

Beginning next week, for the month of September,  your host will be Mon Ami Vie.

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