Blog Action Day 2010: Water

They say that you can survive for quite a while without food, but if you don”t have access to drinking water, it only takes about 72 hours to die. That”s a pretty scary thought, but it”s also an abstract one. I mean, who among us, sitting here with our morning coffee, reading this blog post on a computer can really imagine what it is like to have NO water?

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Yet for over a billion people, drinking water is not a given. There are no fancy bottles of spring water, no free-flowing taps, not even a well in the backyard that isn”t contaminated. How is this possible on “the blue planet”?

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From and fracking contamination to pesticide runoff and manure “lagoons”, to coal fly ash, heavy metals and radioactive waste, our global lifestyle choices are contaminating what was once an abundant resource at an alarming rate.

Unfortunately, that contamination is often all too easy to ignore, as it happens in places far away, which tend to be poor and without the resources to make their stories known. Even when disaster strikes closer to home, trucks stand at the ready to deliver gallon after gallon of this precious resource in single-serve bottles to those affected, thus solving a very real and immediate need, but ultimately making the problem worse.
(suggestion: explore alternatives like this one)

So what do we do?

Today is about blogging for awareness, but for this blog”s readers, most of my words are preaching to an already well-informed choir.
With that in mind, how about taking this one step further? Let”s blog about things WE can do, as individuals, as families, as people from countries with more resources than most. What can we change about our own lifestyles that will ultimately reverse these trends of pollution and scarcity?

I”m moving the rest of this post to my personal blog to talk about my solutions and ideas. If any of the rest of you want to join in, leave a link in the comments section to your follow-up post and let”s spread the word as far and wide as possible. Each of us comes at this problem from a different angle, and we can learn so much from each other about how to make a difference. So, let”s get that conversation started shall we?

How can YOU make a difference?

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  1. I blogged about water today too and you read about some of the things I do at home….just relating to water directly. But come to think of it, I stopped eating meat, never take baths – just showers (wash my hair every other day since my hair gets really dry and brittle if I wash too frequently), grow my own veggies as much as possible (although I’m learning to be a better gardener this year), and wash clothes and dishes when the machines are full.

    Here is my link for today’s post.

    Thanks for talking about this important topic.