Business Tips: Keeping Customers and Getting New Ones

As business owners we all struggle with the same issues, no matter how big or small our businesses are.  Keeping existing customers while building your business and getting new customers is an extremely challenging feat.

This week  I asked EcoEsty team members the following question:

“One of the areas that all Etsy sellers and entrepreneurs in general struggle with is getting more customers and keeping the ones they have already.  So I ask you to share your top tip for getting more customers and keeping the ones you have coming back for more.”

Organic Baby Gift Set

Organic Baby Gift Set

1. Throw in a little something extra

Include a sample of one of your products in every order. Your customer may order the full size item next time. Plus it creates good will when you offer a valuable freebie. I know I appreciate it.

Thanks to Mary of


Upcycled Dryer Pillow Sheets

Upcycled Dryer Pillow Sheets

2. Wow Your Customer

From years in retail, I’ve learned that you have to wow the customer; respond quickly and graciously, add goodies to the order and gift wrap the item/box and ship quickly; they’ll love the extra touch.

Thanks to Jennifer of


Baby Drawstring Tote

Baby Drawstring Tote

3. Be the kind of seller you want to buy from

I include a packet of veggie or flower seeds with my orders. On occasion, I will send out a free sample of a product. If I hear that a product didn’t meet customer expectations, I offer them a freebie.

Thanks to Yancy of


Tote Bag Uus

Tote Bag Uus

4. A Quizz

I am doing a quiz. A Trivial Pursuit card goes in their package and offers 15% off their next purchase if they answer the question right. It’s too soon to know if it works.

Thanks to Bobbie of


Now it’s time for my two cents.  Our EcoEtsy members offered some great tips to help you out.  Here are my additional tips for you:

1. Unleash the Power of Samples
Samples are a great way to get new customers and keep the ones you have happy.  Include a free sample of a new product or existing product in your customer orders.  Participate in as a vendor in a sample box.  Samples allow your prospective customers to try your product before they buy.  From a psychology of selling standpoint customers are more inclined to purchase products they have already tried than ones they haven’t.  If your product is too large or too expensive to sample, offer your customers loyalty cards or coupons.

2. Say, “Thank You”
Everyone appreciates a “Thank You”.  Include a Thank you note with orders, customers will appreciate a nice handwritten card or note included with their order. Recycle junkmail to create your very own handmade Thank You notes.

3. Give Your Online Identity a Face
People buy from people.  Create your identity and credibility online through the blogs, videos, and editorials that will help position your business and products in a professional and tasteful manner. Share tutorials, tips and techniques and watch your client base grow.

4. Postcards, postcards, postcards
We all avoid waste and many will see postcards as a waste of paper, but in truth they are very effective marking tools.  Build your own prospect list using your local phone book white pages.  A simple postcard inviting new customers to visit your shop with your URL  as the focal point will help build customer awareness.

5. Sneaky Deaky
This is another tip that many may not agree with, but here it works.  Take a handful of business cards and head off to your local library or bookstore.  Place a business card in several books and magazines, especially books that are related somewhat to your product offering.  Your business card will end up in the hands of people who are interested in your product offering.

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  1. Thanks for sharing!
    Remenber customers birthdays, send them greeting. It works for me.

  2. great tips, thanks! I just started carrying my business cards around with me, I think I’ll try your “sneaky deaky” tip next time I’m somewhere that it would work!

  3. What great ideas. I’ll try the library books and also the brick and mortar related bus that was mentioned. I am curious to know how your quiz thing worked. I’ll give it a shot too. I have a jewelry making site, so may be I’ll ask questions regarding gemstones. Have to thi nk about that. Thanks for the inspiration and thoughts.

  4. Thanks Myra! I like the sneaky deaky – hadn’t thought of that…we’ll call it “target marketing!”

  5. Great tips! I’ve really just started selling on Etsy and it’s been a fun challenge. I’m still trying to figure out what my retail identity and style are going to be, so any customer is a good customer in my book. These are all really wonderful tips and ideas!

    Another idea I’ve been starting is similar to your #5 – except not so sneaky. I’ve been exploring developing relationships with traditional brick & mortar retail stores that relate to your product or niche.
    Example try and find a seamstress to put up your bridal accessories biz card so when a bride comes to them and mentions they’re still trying to find a perfect centerpiece, cake topper or necklace the seamstress will tell them about you. The key there is to do a special spin on those cards, maybe a tagline like: “Think global – shop local, custom whatever….”

    This could work for many different niches.