Eco Etsy Green Holiday Giveaway

Eco Etsy’s first

Green Holiday Giveaway!






There you have it!

Our biggest and most fantastic Green Holiday Giveaway EVER!!

Make plans for this huge giveaway!

Details will be posted when the giveaway starts next week!


  1. how very exciting….. thanks Karen!!

    • I thought your birds looked great on the tree! They added just the right touch to my tree for the photo shoot. Thanks for your donation!

  2. Wow Karen, those pictures are amazing, don’t be so hard on yourself! The categories, and the items you chose to represent them, are perfect and I’m so very excited to be included in this wonderful event! :-)

    • You are so kind!! We have so many cool green items that it’d be a shame to have just one winner. Besides, having five separate giveaways would be a great way to keep people coming back to check out the team, throughout the month.

  3. Fantastic photos Karen! What a wonderful giveaway and team!!

    • Thanks Rachel! It was so much fun staging the photo shoot. I felt like such a professional…although quality of the photos are not. But it was fun! Can’t wait to start the giveaway next week!! We DO have the greatest team! So talented and with hearts of GOLD!!