Letting Nature Work for You — Part IV: Aches, Pains and Things that Go Bump

The last part of this series on colds and allergies came in really handy for me when I ended up catching a cold that I just couldn’t shake, so I wanted to thank our awesome team for their advice because I felt better much quicker than I probably would have otherwise!

This time around we’re discussing all those other bumps, bruises, aches and pains that can come with random sicknesses or ailments. This is pretty lengthy but chock full of amazing home remedies for just about anything you could imagine. But, before we go any further, please read the disclaimer:

I would like to point out of course that none of the home remedies listed here have been approved by the FDA. I/We in no way want to attempt to diagnose or cure anyone’s ailments, but rather, share some of the things that have worked for many of us in the past to alleviate ills through natural based resources. None of the information within is meant to take the place of a doctor’s diagnosis and I strongly urge everyone to do their own research and use caution if and when you take part in any of the natural festivities within.

Now, let’s get on with the final installment!

Swollen things can be a real pain! For eyes that have puffed up, Gloria of Lolailo uses cooled tea bags. Place them on closed eyes for 10 minutes and gain relief. Mosquito bites can be really annoying but they don’t stop Bren of Good Karma, a dab of lavender oil and she’s good to go!


Good Karma

Aloe rated high on the list of home remedies and as a plant that can be grown in our own homes it is an accessible resource. Mary from Herban Lifestyle uses it on burns, as does Debbie from Moonbeads, who also recommends it for fever blisters.

Herban Lifestyle


Jen at WinkyDinks has great suggestions for anything ear related. “For water in the ears after swimming — a few drops of rubbing alcohol [or 50/50 white vinegar and rubbing alcohol] helps the water to evaporate. For ear aches/minor ear infections — squeeze the contents of a liquid garlic oil pill (puncture with a sanitized pin) into the ear, and cover with a small piece of cotton to prevent it leaking out. DO NOT use this if there is a chance the ear drum has ruptured.

Jen from SewnNatural has a great way to get rid of stubborn dandruff that doesn’t involve purchasing expensive and chemical based shampoos. A little diluted apple cider vinegar in a spray bottle does the trick!


Sewn Natural

With a team full of super talented balm, salve and tincture manufacturers it only makes sense that their ailments are well handled the natural way. In addition to Herban Lifestyle mentioned above, Yancy at Five Seed jokes “I like to make my own tinctures and salves (of course, lol) for colds, cuts, menstrual cramps, etc.” and Desiree at ArtZebo Creations, who likes the powers of essential oils like chamomile and eucalyptus uses them to make “massage oils, bubble baths, sprays, soaps, and candles of course!”


ArtZebo Creations

I was lucky enough to receive full recipes during this process, one for coughs, migraines, and headaches.

Unfortunately, Juanita, who sent me the cough remedy didn’t include a shop name and I can’t seem to track her down. If you’re reading please leave a link to your shop in the comments and thanks for the suggestion!

“My mom used to make this home made cough syrup that always made my throat feel better.
1/2 cup honey
1/4 cut up onion
Two big strawberries cut up in it for flavor.
One clove garlic
It’s best when you let all of it steep over night.”

Myra from Anarchy In Beauty suffers from migraines and she was kind enough to share not one but two relief remedies — one for pressure points, the other is a drinkable tea.

“Migraine Soother

I suffered a severe head injury about 7 years ago and since [that] I get blinding migraines. My grandmother’s recipe book contained a quick fix for headaches and I swear by it because I hate taking migraine medication which makes me feel even worse by relieving the headache but making me feel high. So I tend to resort to Headache Relief Pressure Point mixture:

1 part peppermint essential oil
1 part eucalyptus essential oil

You can also add a few drops of Lavender Oil to the mix. Combine the oils and place in a dark vial or amber bottle. When needed apply a few drops to temples using your index fingers rubbing in circular motions.

Headache Tea:

2 parts lemon balm
2 parts skullcap
1 part feverfew
1 part chamomile

Combine the dry herbs and make an infusion by boiling about 3 cups of water (you may need more depending on the volume of herbs you use), pouring the water over the dry herbs and letting them steep for about 30 minutes.”

Anarchy in Beauty

With so many fantastic natural remedies suggested we may never need a pharmacy again!

I would love to say thanks to the entire team for making this a rousing success. Thanks to the readers too for sticking through even though this series was a little outside of the normal News and Views realm; I never expected such dramatic response to my request for natural remedies. What an amazing team of people we have here at EcoEtsy!

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