Themed Nomination Winners – it’s an EcoEtsy Halloween!

This week’s themed nomination is an EcoEtsy Halloween and this week’s incredible winners are:

Tamdoll’s upcycled scrabble tile crochet bracelet BOO nominated by zJayne:

Boo! Upcycled Scrabble Tile Crochet Bracelet by Tamdoll

Boo! Upcycled Scrabble Tile Crochet Bracelet by Tamdoll

 Ottoman’s spider web wall plaque nominated by brasspaperclip:

Spider Web Wall Plaque by Ottoman

Spider Web Wall Plaque by Ottoman

 And the other amazing winners in no particular order:

Team EcoEtsy's Amazing Halloween Winners

1. zJayne’s skeleton patches nominated by ChuckaStone
2. Fashiongreentbags “don’t cross my path” reusable totebag nominated by brasspaperclip
3. Vegan organic fudge by MisticalAcScents nominated by brasspaperclip
4. Wearwolf’s recycled aluminum skull brooch nominated by brasspaperclip
5. 10 ecofriendly witch postcards by  greenearthgoodies nominated by Tamdoll
6. Polka dot pumpkins by simpledream2 nominated by zJayne
7. Curlymonkey’s organic cotton fabric ball
8. Witch’s mini herbal kit by 5seed nominated by retrolabs

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  1. zJayne,
    Thank you for nominating my polka-dot pumpkins. Wow.
    :) Lisa

  2. i love them one and ALL!!

  3. OMG, thank you for the shout-out for my Witch’s Mini Herbal Kit! I was so surprised to see it! Thank you thank you! Everyone’s products look so delightful!

  4. Thanks for the nomination, it was awesome to wake up this morning and see this!

  5. Fantastic selections all around (I’m drooling for fudge now mind you mmmm), our team really seems to love Halloween & they all do a great job with it! :-)