Welcome to Our New News and Views Co-Editors

Happy Monday morning everyone! Today I write with some exciting news, two long standing members of our Eco Etsy team are joining the blog as Co-Editors. Let’s give a warm welcome, a big hug, a high five, or whatever greeting floats your boat, to Vivian Nelson Melle and Dawanna Young!

Vivian comes to us from Mamita’s Creations (currently on vacation), located in Phoenix, Arizona. A member of the EcoEtsy team since April of 2009, Vivian is dedicated to the environment around her and also in contributing to getting her voice out there about upcycling, repurposing and reusing. Vivian says “I love making things out of items that would have ended up in the recycle or garbage bin. Most of my items are made from recycled or left over materials.” That’s the true spirit of this team and we couldn’t be more excited that Vivian has decided to use that voice to post for the blog!

Mamita's Creations

Dawanna, owner of Peaces of Indigo based out of the Fayetteville, Arkansas area, is a rustic jewelry designer and lover of the environment. She has enjoyed the support of our amazing team since July 2009. All of Dawanna’s material to create her custom designs comes from recycled sources and she enjoys the flexibility of working at home so she can be there for her three sons. Dawanna is an advocate for clean water “I am passionate about helping to ensure that every human being on our planet has access to clean drinking water, so I donate a portion of my sales to Blood:Water Mission.” Outstanding! We’re looking forward to sharing through her unique voice on the blog.

Peaces of Indigo

Once again, let’s welcome these fine ladies to our happy little bloggy home. Thanks for your passion, not only for EcoEtsy but for the planet at large, and your willingness to let your voices be heard ladies!

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  1. Welcome (to the blog, that is) ladies! Look forward to reading your posts!

  2. thanks so much for joining forces .. it will be wonderful I know!

  3. welcome to your new post! I always love the News and Views!

  4. Magnificent to have Co-Editors! Thank you for your time and care.

  5. Dawanna and Vivian, thank so much for volunteering to be the News and Views co-editors! You’re awesome! Hugs!