Chilly weather tips

Dawanna Young of Peacesofindigo shared this great timely eco-tips and I am adding some great items by fellow Eco Etsy members. The first frost is expected here any night now so thank you, Dawanna.

News flash~ people are still unemployed, money is tight and we are all looking for ways to save money.  With the colder weather settling in, there are several quick and easy ways to save energy and lower your utility bills.

One idea, is to put on a sweater. Before adjusting your thermostat, put on a sweatshirt or sweater. A light sweater can make it feel 2 degrees warmer. Did you know that a heavy top can make you feel 4 degrees warmer? That could add up to a 4% savings off of your heating bill.

Or you could put on a vest and arm warmers.  Before resorting to a full sweater, I mean. elsjeboer made these from a wool sweater.

Don’t forget that some pets get cold easily, also. This is the cutest dog in a coat I have ever seen, made by our own anniessweatshop

Another idea. Check and change your air filter. Such an easy fix, yet also easy to forget. Dirty filters can increase your energy usage by 20%.

Buy a rug! Did you know that having a floor covering, especially if you have had surface floors, can keep your room warmer?

Rewoven designs made this very chic  petal shaped rag rug.

Or perhaps this fabulous felted rug by lizetfrijters if it’s more your style

Buy insulated curtains. If you can feel the chill off of your bare windows, it is certainly affecting the temperature in your home. You can pick up insulated liners, too.

Use a draft snake across the base of all outside doors. Make a draft snake out of a rolled up towel or an old necktie stuffed with dry rice or beans. Drafts can waste 5%-30% of your energy bills. Yikes!

Be sure to lower or turn off your thermostat when you leave home. No need to heat an empty house.

Last but not least, my personal favorite. Cuddle up with a blanket. To me, cold weather means a warm blanket and a hot cup of tea.

And if you want a cup cozy, here is one made by itssewyou8

You can savor your tea a lot longer by using this tea cozy by offthehooks to keep the pot warm.

Do you have a favorite way to stay warm?

By: Dawanna Young of Peacesofindigo

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  1. I love both of the rugs in this post!

    My tip is to open the curtains when the sun is shining on the window and close them again as soon as the sun has moved on.

    Peace, Judi

  2. I love my hot water bottle in the winter! If my feet are warm then I soon warm up and stay that way for the rest of the night.

  3. I have draft dodgers wherever there are doors….garage door and even the door from the basement and underneath the oven (I have a downdraft vent oven that has a vent system to the outside wall and it can bring cold air in). I know there are a ton of DIY’s out there but maybe it’s time to do one of my own………hmmmm…..

  4. Insulated curtains help keep the heat in our living room with it’s old and large front window.

    We also keep blankets around the house for when we sit on the couch or at the computer. (We’ve found when we’re stationary we get colder easier.)

    I also try to exercise for a few minutes to warm up if I’ve been sitting still for a while.

  5. I love to wear vests and layer clothes. Like Unni, I wear shoes or slippers in the house. This team has such great ideas and items. Thanks!

  6. My favourite tip is to wear slippers. I used to wear thick wool socks, but that didn’t help much. When I switched to wearing shoes in the house, I got rid of my cold feet!