Eco-Wrap Your Holiday

The holiday season has officially arrived.  Time for family, friends and food.  And Tradition.  Most families have many holiday traditions that define the holidays for them.   Some holidays wouldn’t be the same without Grandma’s stuffing and Aunt Carol’s decorated sugar cookies.    Others would be hollow without certain decorations and activities.

While traditions are the stuff of memories, many holidays could use an eco-tweak.   25 years ago, I discovered that, unlike my family, my husband’s family did not reuse wrapping paper, bows or boxes.  This was uncomfortable for me, until I discovered that they DID reuse gift bags.   Whether they were fabric or paper, the bags were saved and reused.  All holiday gifts to my husband’s family have been bagged since then.

Eco-Wrapping Tips

Many talented ecoetsians make their own eco-friendly wrapping supplies.  They offer some for sale that you can buy if you don’t make your own.   GreenerFrog has several elegant Furoshiki cloth wrappings such as these:

PrairieThreads offers some gorgeous reused/reusable bags made from a child’s shirt along with her upcycled bags from t-shirt sleeves. And zJayne will personalize bags made from t-shirt sleeves. BeachMama‘s upcycled gift boxes might be a good answer to wrapping those gifts for teachers and people whose recycling habits you don’t know.

Gift Tags

Many ecoetsians offer recycled gift tags.

Recupefashion has plain white ones. greenearthgoodies has wonderful heart and music ones.  The music ones have matching bows.  My favorite of her tags are these:

Whatever your usual holiday traditions,  try this year to give them a little more eco-twisting.  It’s the right thing to do.

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  1. Jessica Long says:

    I used a gift tag punch and punched out 90 gift tags from christmas cards that I received this year and are all ready for next year’s giving! The tags are beautiful with glitter and sparkle and Christmas scenes. I was so glad that I found a second use for the Christmas cards!

  2. GreenerFrog’s Furoshiki cloth wrappings are so elegant! Thanks also for the mention!

  3. Thank you for featuring my gift tags! I’m touched!

    If anyone needs additional inspiration on how to be more eco-friendly with your gift wrap, see the blog post I wrote a couple months ago on how to use fabric remnants, magazine ads, old calendar images, grocery bags, even leftover tissue paper laying around your house to dress up your gifts!

    Thanks again!