GMOs. What is the Scoop?

Multi colored soybeans

There is such controversy about this subject. We all hear and read about it in the news on a regular basis.  More people than ever are probably aware of GMOs after the great salmon debate this year.  How are we to know that we are hearing both sides of the story presented in an unbiased way? The internet has opened up so many independent news sources to all of us. It’s all too easy to take it for granted, to become overwhelmed and not know where to look. One source that I appreciate and read reports from is

They stay on top of the story and report the side you don’t often see on television, the local story of the people impacted by the crop conversion to GMOs. Have you ever seen an quote like this on your evening news?

”  Angel Strapazzon, a member of Mocase-Via Campesina, the peasant movement of Santiago del Estero, Argentina, had this to say about claims of responsibility made for GM soya: ‘Agribusiness companies have a lot of power and most of the media at their service. Sometimes we hear their lies and laugh. They say it is ‘sustainable and responsible’ but in reality it is only sustainable for their pockets.’   ”

Probably not, unless it was on a documentary, right? Well, you can read the rest of this interview here:

Europe is lightyears ahead of us in the fight against GMOs. There are no unmarked genetically modified foods legally sold in European grocery stores. That is a reality that I dream of happening here. The sooner the better. After all, if there really isn’t a difference, which is what the GM companies state, then why not mark them as such and let the consumer choose?

You can read the Legislation that governs GMOs in Europe here:

This excerpt sums it up nicely:

“Regulation 258/97 requires mandatory labelling to indicate the presence of GMOs. After October 2002, Directive 2001/18 requires that Member States should ensure labelling of GMOs as or in products.”

This is exactly what natural health advocates have been asking for years.  If you were born after the year 1994, you have most likely never lived in a world without GMOs. The first tomatoes, Flavr-Savr were approved by the FDA and we weren’t even warned about it.  This opinion editorial says it perfectly.  I hope you’ll take the time to read it.

What are your feelings about GMOs?

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  1. You MUST watch this. It’s a serious threat to our ability to grow our own food~

  2. “After all, if there really isn’t a difference, which is what the GM companies state, then why not mark them as such and let the consumer choose?”

    That pretty much covers how I feel about it. I just want to be able to make informed decisions about what I am buying. And these companies know that if they label the products GMO that they will not sell, and that is what they are afraid of.

  3. Here is one by CSA.

    and here is one by the World health Organization.

    If you google, there are more than you can read on the risks of GMO’s.

    Recently, U.S. Fish and Wildlife issued its doubt about the safety of GE Salmon that Aqua Bounty is trying to push the FDA to approve.

  4. I’m starting to hear a bit more about GMOs these days but whats the actual health concern? Have they actually linked it to any health issues? If anyone has a link or two that talks about what effects it can actually have, I’ve be keen to read them.

  5. Great post, D. Unless you grow/raise it yourself under strict conditions, ya just never know.

  6. The latest is on Salmons as well and what’s next??? GE beef, pork, chicken, and ….. I see Jurassic Park being not too far away! This is so wrong.

  7. Thank-you for posting about this subject on our team blog. This is soooo important and something we should all be aware of.