Themed Nomination Winner – Naturally Wonderful Wool

This week’s winners feature items which reflect the natural wonders of wool.

This beautiful wool accessory was nominated by both Peaces of Indigo and Polarity.

‘Calligraphy in wool and rust’ is a unique textile art cuff made by Vilte from nuno felted silk and merino wool.

Super cute baby slippers perfect for the coming winter months were nominated by CurlyMonkey.

Sweetheart wool baby slippers made from recycled fabrics and leather by 4Pippi.

And finally, give a big hand to the source of this amazing fiber, nominated by GreenEarthSupplies:

Set of three darling lamb cards by mvegan who donated 10% of all her sales to animal charities.

Thank-you very much for participating in this weekly event.  Don’t forget the time change this Sunday!

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  1. i think this is just a lovely collection ….

  2. Thank you, Peaces of Indigo and Polarity, for nominating my cuff! and what a cute source of wool! 😉