Themed Nomination Winners – Symbols of Peace

This weeks winners have been chosen because they have meaning as universal or personal symbols of peace.

This beautiful peace and love gemstone ring was nominated by Polarity:

A hand drawn peace and heart sign on an eco friendly silver ring by Pieces of Indigo.

ZAPOL Designs nominated the next item with the following inspiring words: ” The image and sound of birds brings me to a tranquil place. Living in the city it’s hard for me to find peace in anything with the noise, violence and pollution but when I see things with birds and hear their songs it brings me to a special place inside.”

From Nestle and Soar comes this hand felted Peace, Love and Health pillow.

“Many items in the natural world symbolize peace to me. This necklace beautifully captures that” says 5seed who nominated this lovely necklace.

Butterfly Leaf necklace made from recycled silver by One Loom Studio

Thank-you for all your thoughtful nominations this week.

Peace to you all!

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  1. Thank you ~
    I love everything in Nestle and Soar’s shop and that silver butterfly leaf is amazing!

  2. So cool to be nominated!

  3. All such great pieces. I’m so happy the one I selected made it to the top!