Tutorial: 6 Ways to Upcycle Glass Jars and Lids

Before I share how to make some cool things with glass jars and lids, I have to tell you that our little Eco Etsy blog was listed in “Who’s Who” of green crafting blogging world. In this recent list by, Accredited Degree Online blog, Eco Etsy was listed among the top Green Crafting Blogs. And we are hobnobbing with other green crafting gurus like Craftzine and Crafting a Green World in the same room. Yay Team Eco Etsy!

On that note, here is another green craft tutorial and my list of 6 different ways to upcycle glass jars and lids.

I collect too many glass jars. I think I need a twelve step program. I collect all shapes and sizes. In fact, I collect so many that I end up recycling some of them ever so often. But the lids are NOT recyclable in my town. Aluminum foil is recyclable but glass jar lids are not. Go figure. So what do I do with them? I collect them to make these ornaments and refrigerator magnets. The ornaments are great as stocking stuffers, gifts for family, and even gift tags.

So from these………

lid collection

You can make….

1. Photo Christmas Ornaments – these glass lid photo ornaments   are so easy to make that you’ll use up all your saved lids and wished you had more.

Photo ornaments

decorated glass jar lid

2. And Refrigerator Photo Magnets like these……

photo fridge magnets

3. You can use the whole jar, lids and all, to make, Soap Dispensers, with just a few household tools.

glass jar soap dispenser

4. I was trying to find glycerin to make these lovely Martha Stewart’s Snow Globes, but I couldn’t find it in my local pharmacy. But if I find it, you know I’ll be making these until I can line up all the windowsills in my house with these. How cute are they?

snow globes

5. But if I can’t make snow globes, I can always make these Mason Jar Candle Holders and put them on my window sills, away from the curtains, of course. They’ll make great Christmas decorations, don’t you think? And in summer time, I can hang them outside in the patio. Cool!

mason jar candle holders

6. Or a real hardwired Kara Paslay Designs’ chandeliers, if I am feeling really, really, REALLY industrious.

mason jar chandelier

Ok, this chandelier might be a little over the top for me for now but photo ornaments are easy enough to make.

So what are you waiting for? Head on over and make some for your Christmas tree.

Have you made any fun projects with glass jars?

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  1. Dear ecoetsy,
    I would like to request permission to use one of your photos for my ICT controlled assessment. I understand if you do not want me to. Please reply regardless of your answer so I know.
    Reply as soon as possible,

  2. We often make things from jars but I love, love, love the chandelier. What a great idea, well executed. Wow! Thanks for sharing.


  3. Someone sent me a message that the soap dispenser tutorial was MIA so I just fixed it. Sorry about that. Those blog gremlins are at it again. Argh….

    I’m gonna have to find glycerin even if I have to turn this town upside down. I love snow globes and I have all these ‘broken’ Christmas decorations that I saved, “just in case” and they would be great inside snow globes. So glad I found fellow snow globe lovers (glass jar hoarders!) here.

  4. Love this post! Thanks so much! I will be trying the soap dispenser…

  5. I love the ornaments. I will definitely be doing this with my children today when they get home from school :) They are so cute.

  6. fellow jar hoarder here.

    i absolutely adore the chandeliers. one thing i do with my many jars is use them to make terrariums.

  7. Ooh I am in LOVE with the snowglobe idea here! I wonder if you could use clear candle gel? The magnets and ornaments you made (as well as the soap dispenser) are super cute too!

    Since we’ll be moving next year I’m not collecting much right now but in years past I created my own scented candles in used baby food jars and then used a round of Christmas themed fabric plus some sparkly ribbon to cover the lid and make them more festive. I gave them out as stocking stuffers and everyone loved them! (Plus kept a couple for us of course!)

  8. great ideas! thanks for reminding me of the snow globes! wonderful project for my daughter and her cousins this christmas!

  9. Super cute ideas! Love the chandelier!

    I made the snow globes one year with my oldest boy and he gave them as gifts to his teachers. It was a lot of fun. I found the glycerin in the “first aid” aisle at the local Wmart.

    That soap pump was on my list of things to do for gifts this year too, thanks for the reminder!