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My path to being “Boss” of Nature’s Art was an interesting one.

Austrian born. First a Tailor then a Social worker then Australian traveler for 6 months ended up being Australian Immigrant not much later with change of life in any possible way…

I found my soul mate in the year 2000 traveling the Australian Outback on my own (he was out for 3 months on a bush bike).

We decided to travel every year for 3 months in the  Australian Outback to slow down, to connect to the Mother, to stay sane.

… I started to collect materials I found in nature and was surprised – as I am not a collector/ hoarder. But as I had asked (the universe) before my first journey about my destiny in Australia – I had to accept this as an answer and started to create whatever turned up in my heart & mind.

I told myself many many times: “I will make a living with what I love doing!”

10 years later I can say it was the right answer – I love creating, I love traveling to receive the gifts of Mother Earth for the next working year, I love being self employed and I do make a living from it for more than 7 years.

I found a niche without searching.

I do live simple but very happy.

I still create what turns up in my heart & mind.

I am working a lot of hours, doing markets and festivals and for the last 9 month selling on etsy.

It is steadily increasing almost too much, but when July comes around we will travel the Outback again for 3 months and it will balance and connect me again and all will be well…

I collect my materials with deep respect for the land. I have my little rituals and ceremonies and sometimes give back to the land through a healing for Mother Earth.

It was to be a win/win, it is not right just to take when there is no need.

I feel I am the link between Nature and humans doing and I love it!

Nature’s Art is simple – it does not need anything added.

Allowing the stone, the feather, the timber to speak.

Enjoy my creations!

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  1. martina ..I so admire your artistry in life …and jewelry!!

  2. Great article…what a great life you live. Congrats to you for owning your reality!!

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  3. Wow. I wonder what it’s like to take three months off in the Outback! That is so awesome! Thanks for sharing a little bit about you.

  4. Thank you for featuring me! Very happy with it!

  5. Beautiful delicate work!!
    Thanks for the article!