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Remaine Wicked

The big question is how I got started. My Mum and Dad gave me a book to explain it. It was a cartoon book with pictures of winkies and yayas…..

Cut ahead 30 some odd (and I mean ODD) years later and here I am. I am the mother of a 13 year old, 12 year old and a 3 month old. I know, big gap between the last two. With my first two I was a professional organic gardener. I owned my own business and this allowed me to bring my kids to work with me. With my latest child, I find myself in a different position. Technically I am in a different location, too.

I found myself stuck in Wyoming for a year. I was helping to build a house (yeah power tools!). Then my job ended, yet my mates continued. I then discovered that I was pregnant. So here I was, in a place with no friends (it is the least populated state in the union), no job, pregnant and bored. After perpetually going to all the thrift stores, in a 3 hour radius, I found a $15 sewing machine.

My Mother was and is an upholsteress. So I grew up sewing and crafting and painting and soldering and destroying all things good and kind (to see how they worked -ask me about my totem pole tree and my doll collection sometime). I purchased this machine and started manically creating baby clothes, cloth diapers, maternity clothes, quilts, hats, and dog beds. My fabric choices were things from the thrift stores, my landlord’s wool blanket (sh… don’t tell him) and out grown kids’ and mate’s clothes. Unfortunately, many of the clothes that I dismantled were actual favorites of family members and apparently they hadn’t out grown them yet, but this is all beside the point. The point is, I had found my voice and this is how my shop began.

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  1. I definitely love all the tips. You can look at me anytime and make suggestions.