Etsy Resources, Part 2: Pounce, Etsy Emails and The Storque

As the second part of a mini-series on Etsy resources, we’re going to explore 3 more areas, specifically Pounce, Etsy emails and The Storque.  You may not be aware of all the great information you’re missing out on!

For those of you unfamiliar, Pounce is a feature on the front page and it serves two purposes: to see shops that have yet to receive a sale or shops that have just sold something.

For the new shops, Pounce is a way to be seen, discovered and publicized.  When I opened my photography shop and was awaiting my first sale, I was featured in a couple treasuries who said they found me using the Pounce feature and it was thrilling to have someone trying to get my name out there.  Some people also get a thrill being a shop’s first buyer and will use this feature to find these undiscovered shops.

Additionally, as Elly of ElsjeBoer mentions, “as far as the new shops without a sale on ‘Pounce,’ you can sometimes get great deals and some really unique things.”

From elsjeboer

Most people, however, use the Pounce feature to spy on what’s selling.  There are a variety of reasons for utilizing this tool: to help you keep up with sales trends, to give you some creative inspiration, to help you see some creative merchandising/prop photography, to see what kind of sales are going on or to get some creative gift ideas.

“I use is pounce, especially for JUST SOLD; it gives me an idea of what customers are buying and helps me adjust, if I can, in my shop,” says Penelope of NeenaCreates.

From NeenaCreates

Elly also shares similar sentiments on the sold feature:  “I like to see what people are buying, search for trends and compare pricing of what people are buying.  Even though you can’t see the price after it has sold, you can sometimes get an idea from the other things in a person’s shop.   I also do this by visiting the link to the sold items on a person’s shop page.”

When I say “Etsy Emails” I’m not talking about notification emails that inform you a sale or convo.  Rather, I’m referring to the newsletter-type emails that you sign up for and come in a variety of topics including:

  • Etsy Success
  • Etsy News
  • Etsy Finds
  • Etsy Gifts
  • Etsy Teams
  • Etsy Labs
  • Etsy Fashion
  • Etsy Weddings
  • Etsy Dudes

*full disclosure here: I hadn’t even heard of half of these until I researched for this post!  Click on the Etsy Emails image above to be linked to the spot where you can sign up for any of these!

Now most people are trying to reduce the amount of email they receive, but you should really reconsider these little nuggets of wisdom.  These emails (some are daily, weekly or monthly – listed when you sign up) dgive you updates/changes to the Etsy site without having to scour the forums and also offer some great topics like the following articles in recent weeks (from just Etsy Success and Etsy News):

o   Shipping for success

o   Tips from a successful jewelry designer

o   Four business musts from a featured seller

o   How to get more done each day

o   The new coupon codes

o   How to receive different currencies

o   Top tips for the holiday rush

I liken these newsletters to mini business tips posts delivered to your inbox.  I’m not the only one that feels this way; see the passionate responses I received from other EcoEtsy members:

“ I would encourage all sellers to sign up for the Etsy Success emails. Since I usually don’t have a lot of time to browse the forums, the Etsy Success emails are a great way to get some of the best tips all in one place. I have learned so much from these emails, and it is rare that I don’t find useful information in each email” explains Christine of Ecouturière.

From Ecouturière

“I find the Etsy emails extremely helpful. I signed up for almost all of them, and it’s easier for me to receive them in my email rather than trying to remember to read them when I’m on the front page,” says Penelope of NeenaCreates.

“I get ALL the emails that Etsy sends out,” says Elly of ElsjeBoer.  “Maybe unlike most, I like to receive things in my inbox at home.  It is such a quick way to scan the News topics of discussion on Etsy, and to get quick and relevant tips on current deals, new features and seasonal trends.  I like to use the large treasuries presented in Etsy finds to see new shops, and get ideas for treasuries.”

Gloria of Lolailo shares, “I have subscribed to the Etsy emails, and I particularly like the Etsy Finds.  The Etsy Finds emails contain trends and vocabulary that is seen as “hot” in treasuries.  As I create a lot of treasuries, this kind of help is invaluable.”

From lolailo

As you probably know, the Storque is the Etsy blog and it truly is chock full of information (that even I need to remember to check on more often).  Some things you can find in the Storque include local events in your area, upcoming virtual labs, how-to tips and guides, best practices pulled together in thematic articles, local trends, featured sellers and my favorite, the quit your day job series which gives you an insider look into successful full-timers, their tips, their pitfalls, their schedule and the secrets to their success.

As you can see, there are a myriad of resources on the Etsy site (some might even feel overwhelmed by the wealth of information out there!).  But the point of this series is to make you aware of what features are out there so that you can make an informed decision on where to spend your time and where to get your information.

What other features and resources do you utilize on the Etsy site?  Please share with the group!

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