The Spirit of the Season

 I hope everyone forgives me this little deviation from the usual News and Views posting format and indulges me in a story that I feel must be told! If you’re anything like me you ate way too much on Christmas Day (for those who celebrate of course) and can barely move to protest anyway, which, yes, I will take full advantage of because this is one super sweet story I think you’ll all enjoy.

Las week when my husband, Matt, got home from work he announced that his boss told the whole office (of about ten people) that on Thursday the 23rd everyone needed to be downstairs and outside at ten in the morning for a special surprise. Other than that casual dress was alright, he released no other information. We speculated for a week about just what the surprise could be.

I wondered if they would all be taken out for a fancy lunch or special trip to the New England Aquarium or other fun activity in downtown Boston. We both figured it would be a holiday surprise and Matt went off to work on Thursday this past week anxious but excited to send me a text message to let me know just what was going on.

At ten o’clock on the nose his boss called them all downstairs and everyone exited into the street to see a stretch limousine waiting for them curbside. With still no idea what the day had in store they all started speculating amongst themselves as they sipped orange juice and chilled cider. After a route around the city that would have lost even the best tail, the limo pulled up in front of the Prudential Building and his boss, excited like a kid, announced the rules of the day.

He handed them all an insanely generous fistful of cash and said “Three quarters of this money must be spent on no one but yourselves, the other quarter you can spend on someone else and I will be checking receipts. No gift cards and nothing you’re going to return. You have two hours to shop. Go!”

Matt immediately sent me a message and I knew the poor guy was hopelessly lost. He is, among many others in his office, the type who would have tipped the scales the other direction and spent almost every dime on other people. He never wants for anything and enjoys being generous with the people he loves. So when someone else acts the same way towards him he is like a deer in headlights.

I must admit the scene made me giggle. In the back of my head I was thinking how quickly that money would be spent in Victoria’s Secret on lotions, pajamas and other girlie type items. People he works with went to the Apple store for iTouch devices or Coach for bags, while some bought Kindles at Barnes and Noble.

When I wrote back to him all I said was he should think to the extreme and get things for himself that he would never buy with everyday money — a nice watch, a bass guitar — that this was his big chance to enjoy a shopping experience simply because someone else wanted him to! He responded at about two o’clock that he couldn’t have been more thankful for Barnes and Noble.

I spent the next four hours anxious to find out just what goodies he decided to procure. When he got home he had just one shopping bag and I chuckled. I don’t know about the men in all of your lives but my guy is a terrible shopper, it is not an enjoyable time for him and he always feels bad spending money. So with the size of the bag I knew he must have maximized the funds on lots of small, higher quality items.

And I was right!

He got new headphones for his iPod, a stack of books a mile high, Rock Band 3, some DVD’s of television shows, a couple movies and then he presented me with, yup you guessed it, a gift certificate to Victoria’s Secret.

In true form he purchased some great stuff that he will certainly use but most of it was geared more toward the both of us. Because no matter how you slice it, Matt is just that kind of guy. And its one of the things I love about him the most!

The thing that he’s been telling everyone about this shopping trip is that sure it would have been lovely if his boss had given them all a Christmas bonus but the memories of the day and all the fun leading up to and during the experience will last a lifetime whereas a bonus would have probably only made it to the following month when we spent it on bills. It was by far the coolest thing any boss has ever done for him in any job he’s ever held.

It sure made our Christmas and it taught us how very special a day can become by taking something that could have been stressful (shopping) and making it fun!

Thanks to Matt’s boss for giving him the biggest smile, a huge shot of holiday spirit and an amazing lesson in generosity!

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  1. what fun that must have been ..great idea!

  2. God do work in mysterious ways, praise him!

  3. Wow! What a gift! I’d love to work there! …But I’m taking notes too. 😉