Themed Nominations: New Year

Is everyone ready for the New Year? Are we all equally stuffed and exhausted from Christmas? Well, pep up team! I need your help nominating items for this week’s theme, New Year.  This week, we are looking for items that represent new beginnings, celebration, party decor and anything else that sparks inspiration and imagination. Isn’t that what New Year dreams are made of? The always awesome zJayne’s “Happy New Year Set of 12 Initial Upcycled T-Shirt Pouches” are pictured above.

You can do a tag search on Etsy for ‘teamecoetsy’ to find an item or items you would like to nominate and please send your nominations via Etsy convo to Gillian at Mon Ami Vie. The deadline is 2PM EST on Wednesday.

Winners will be chosen based on:

1. Picture Quality

2. Appropriateness to the Theme

3. Originality

Thanks so much and Happy Holidays!

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  1. Thank you for sharing these upcycled pouches with New Year wishes! Is it me or is it snowing on this page?~ Cool~