Absolutely No-Sew Draft Dodger

I don’t know what temps are like where you are, but here they were in the single digits last night.    I was lucky to be able to stay inside where it was warm and dry.  We installed new weatherstripping this fall, and, of course, our house has added insulation. 

Another way to keep it warm in your home (or as warm as you like, we keep our programmable thermostat at 68 degrees) is draft dodgers.   I don’t know what they are supposed to be called, those long tubes of stuffed fabric you keep in front of your door to keep out drafts, but I’ve always called them draft dodgers.

No team ecoetsy shops sell these, at least under that name.  Maybe because they are so easy to make yourself.  Here’s a good way to use up some mismatched socks, or maybe some that just don’t stay up anymore.

Eco friendly No Sew Draft Dodger

Take 2 knee length socks. 

Stuff them as full as possible with clean rags, other socks, fiberfill, fabric scraps or whatever you have  Really stuff them full, but leave about 2-3 inches at the top of one sock unstuffed.

Place the open end of the full sock into the open end of the sock with 2-3 inches free.

Pull the top sock onto the filled sock until the stuffings meet. 

You can tie a ribbon or yarn around where they meet if you are using socks with stretched out elastic.  You can also use a rubber band or safety pins.

Place at bottom of outside door where you can feel air coming in.

Or, you can use a rolled up towel.  A standard bath towel is not quite as wide as a normal size door in a home, so roll 1 or 2 lengthwise and place wherever you find a draft.

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  1. Actually, I used to sell them, but marketed them as kids’ toys with just a tag for draft dodger. I sell a lot of them in person, but never had much luck on Etsy. The shipping was kind of high since they’re so hard to package and I think that had a lot to do with it.
    great simple tutorial tho! genius!