Bento to Better Health

A new year always seems to set the mood for making decisions for better living. It offers a fresh start for reevaluating decisions and lifestyle changes we may have tried in the past. Through years of failed dieting, I have come to realize that smaller changes lead to long term success. One way I have changed our eating for the better is following Japanese lunching with bento boxes. These compact and inventive lunches offer some fun while affording a healthy and balanced meal for your little one.

A search through Flicker and mom blogs will take you into a bento world of Hello Kitty, Domo and any other childhood character you can think of. Made of rice, boiled eggs or tofu, these palatable play food help children expereince new tastes and textures in an uninhibited style. For adults, the portioned meals help decrease caloric intact by forcing smaller sizes while still offering a variety of flavors.

You need very little to start bentoing and Etsy is a great place to find items to spiff up lunchtime. Reusable lunch bags are an easy and fun way to get started. While there are many lunchboxes on the market, it’s difficult to know exactly what they are made from. Toxins are found in many children’s lunchboxes made of both plastic and metal. An easy way to rectify the situation is to use cloth bags. These fun bags offer and easy way to stow lunches while allowing laundering when needed.

To get started, Just Bento offers a planner to help figure out meals. It’s best to use up leftovers which not only reduce waste, but makes evening clean up easier. Simply add leftovers into chosen containers and then add additional items. Dinnertime messes are cleaned up while lunches are made food the next day. Children can have fun creating lunches or being surprised. Sometimes it’s fun to allow them to make your lunch and you there’s.

For many parents, it’s asking too much to wait for schools to take the lead in providing healthy lunches. With childhood obesity at an all time high and cases of diabetes hitting out youth like never before, the time for changing our eating habits is now and bento boxes make it easy.

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