Etsy Resources, Part 4: Etsy Apps

In case you haven’t noticed from the myriad of posts that I’ve written over the past couple of months, there are a LOT of incredible resources available to sellers on Etsy.  To recap so far, we covered:

Even if you think you have a handle on these resources, I implore you to check them out as even I learned new things researching for these articles (as did some of the commenters).

Today we’re going to take a look at just some of the Etsy Apps available as this topic alone may need more than one post – there are 43 outside applications that Etsy offers that can help you with your business.  And I’m not talking about phone apps, these are applications that you can use online in collaboration with your Etsy shops.

First, do you know where to find these Etsy apps?  Sign in to your account -> Your Etsy -> Resources (lower left hand side of screen) -> Etsy Apps

First, let me just mentino that I previously wrote a post back in May on Etsyhacks, my favorite application, which has provided me a lot of great shortcuts/tools that help me run my business.  I already wrote a post devoted just to this wonderful application here and it is one of the apps that Etsy has listed under its Resources.  

Now since there are so many apps available and writing one post on all of them would go on and on, I’m just going to touch base on a couple of them today based on team feedback I received (and save the others for future posts).  There is surely something that each of us will find interesting, intriguing and new!

** Please note that on each App page it mentions that “Etsy does not endorse or guarantee any third-party applications.”  And neither does EcoEtsy, so please do your homework to make sure any App is a good fit with your business.**


From BetsyandBess


According to the Etsy App Gallery, Craftopolis offers the following features:

“Shop Lovers: Gives sellers access to their sales data, hearts, views and alerts of upcoming expiring listings in a friendly calendar format. Combining both Google Analytics and Etsy’s API it allows them to correlate the data between the two sources getting accurate, up to date info about their Etsy shop.

Edit Express: A batch editing tool offering sellers a fast and convenient way to edit their prices, titles, descriptions and item quantities. Sellers can choose to edit individual listings, whole sections or their entire shop in just a few clicks.

Tag Report: Offers sellers an easy way to see what search terms people are using to find their items through Etsy search. It also includes what page the item was found on in those search results. Combining both Google Analytics and Etsy’s API it gives sellers a good idea of what tags are working for them and which ones are under performing.”

Elizabeth of BetsyAndBess is a big fan.  She says that Craftopolis is her favorite App, “because sometimes I just don’t feel like messing with Google Analytics.  I might just want a snapshot of how many people are looking at me that day, not every dirty detail!  Also, I love the new Edit Express feature on their site!  So easy!”

From RecycledParts

Jennifer of RecyledParts concurs:

“I love the new edit express feature at craftoplis, I have used it about 10 times in the last few weeks.  I had a few different holiday sales in both my etsy shops, so I had to revise the titles and descriptions of 250 listings total, which would have taken me days to complete, but with the edit express, only took me about 10 minutes each time…The edit express app allows me to give better customer service by keeping my buyers up to date on what’s happening with RecycledParts, and also saves me time, so I can be filling orders or listing new items.”

Learn more about this App here:


Etsy on Sale

According to the Etsy Apps Gallery:

“With Etsy On Sale you can place all or part of your shop items on sale with just a few clicks! Schedule sales events for the future or start them immediately. Etsy On Sale automatically updates your shop items for the sale and then restores the original prices at the end of the sale.

Your items are promoted on the Etsy On Sale website during your sale, driving new traffic to your shop. You also receive a personalized shop sale page you can use to promote your sale on Facebook, Twitter, a blog, or email newsletter.”

From HerbanLifestyle

Mary of HerbanLifestyle wrote me enthusiastically about her experience with EOS:

“I recently discovered Etsy on Sale. It has taken the pain out of setting up sales in my Etsy shop! You sign up through your Google account, then it’s as simple as giving your sale a title, amount of the discount, a prefix that will be attached to each of your listings (e.g., ON SALE), and start/end dates. I used to avoid sales because I hated having to go through each listing before the sale, then back to each listing after the sale. Etsy on Sale makes the process super simple, making it a huge time saver.”

Tiffany of PicnicBasketCrafts shares a similar sentiment: “Etsy On Sale is nice because I can choose which items to put on sale, rather than simply using a coupon code which applies to everything in my shop.”

From PicnicBasketCrafts

Gloria of Lolailo brought to my attention another benefit of this application.  “Etsy On Sale,” she says, “is also fabulous for tag management.  You can add or remove tags from all items at once, instead of having to go through one by one.”

This is especially helpful if you remember a tag you want to add to all your listings, like I did recently when I realized I should have added the words “DIY” and “blank” to my recycled folded cards in my supplies shop.  Knowing this shortcut would have saved me a LOT of time!

From Lolailo

In November, The Storque wrote an article featuring several Etsy apps including Etsy On Sale.  You can read more here

Not only does this application make it easier for you to run sales, it also becomes a promotional tool that buyers can search to look for good deals.  Shortcut for your shop and free promotion to boot?  That’s an App worth checking out.

Want to learn more?  Click here



According to Etsy apps section:

“Metricly is a free dashboard and analytics platform that makes it easy for Etsy sellers to track and analyze their key sales metrics – like total sales, average order price, sales to repeat customers, and sales by state. Metricly can also connect to Google Analytics, Twitter, Facebook, Mailchimp and lots of other services to help you run your business better.”

Tiffany of PicnicBasketCrafts is a fan of this App.  “Metricly gives me good weekly updates on my sales stats, which I really appreciate,” she says.

From PicnicBasketCrafts

The Storque blog even featured an article on Metricly in September.  The article, an interview with the CEO/Founder of Metricly,  states that:

“We [at Metricly]  believe that, no matter the size of your shop, you can learn a lot by tracking your sales and shop data. How much have you sold this month versus last month? Who is buying your products? How much are they spending on average? How much are you selling to new customers versus existing customers? And of course, the big question is, how can you sell more products?”


If you like to know your numbers (they do the crunching for you!), then this is an App to check out.  You can learn more here.



Although Etsy doesn’t have Statsy listed in their Apps Gallery, a Storque blog post recently featured them, stating that:

“Statsy has a variety of tools designed to assist sellers in finding out cool info about their shops and the listings inside them! Currently, you can see where your shop and listings are when someone searches for certain keywords in Google/Etsy search, track your listings’ hearts and views across time, find out who hearts you most, and get notified by email when you’re featured on Etsy’s front page!”

From RecycledParts

Jennifer of RecycledParts often uses this App in her business:

“I renew items frequently, so it can be a pain to have to stop what I am doing, and get on the computer, just to renew 2 listings.  Also, I live on the west coast, so by the time I get on the computer at 8am here, it is already 11am in New York, so I am just not able to reach all of my buyers at a time when they are on the computer.  With the statsy clockbot, I am able to schedule item renewals while I am sleeping, or while I am working on other business tasks.  That means I can broaden the scope of buyers that my business reaches, and not waste time being on the computer when I don’t need to be.  I can list items when buyers in Australia, or the UK are most likely to purchase, making international sales more likely as well.”

Both apps [Craftopolis and Statsy] have saved me hundreds of hours since I started using them, and they are free to use, so you can’t go wrong.”

Learn more about Statsy here

Clearly the themes running through with these Apps are: Data Information and Time Saving Shortcuts.  And what Etsy seller couldn’t use a bit of both?

So, are you utilizing all the tools available to you to maximize the success of your shop?  If you want to run more efficiently, save time and build sales, then check some of these apps out to see if they would be a good fit for you.  You can learn about other apps at the Etsy App Gallery.  I’ll also be back to report on some more Apps from the gallery in the future, along with teammate’s feedback, so stay tuned!

Is there an Etsy App not mentioned here that you love?  Tell us about it!

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  1. Thanks Myra for chiming in! Glad to hear another satisfied seller!

  2. Great post! I’ve been using Etsy on Sale and Craftopolis with great success. I have actually been taking advantage of Craftopolis advertising to drive traffic to my site successfully as well.

  3. Oh no…what a bummer!

  4. Great post full of wonderful resources! There are a couple that I haven’t tried, and I look forward to testing them out. After I submitted my recommendation for Etsy on Sale, they announced that they will begin charging for their service. I have not tried their new paid service, but would be willing to give it a try for my next big sale, since it was such a huge time saver.