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Earnest Efforts

How did you get started in your chosen craft?

We are a husband and wife woodworking team and proud new members of the Eco Etsy team. We are both long time members of the famous Eugene, Oregon Saturday Market, which is the longest running outdoor, handmade marketplace in the country. There are over 250 of us who set up every Saturday from April through December, and on one warm Saturday morning twelve years ago Earnie & I (Ellie aka Heather) met and we’ve been loving life together ever since. We have had our Etsy shop for two and a half years, which has been an amazing journey in and of itself.

Our wood baby rattles are our most precious item and after two years of serious marketing we have approximately 70 eco-conscious baby and nature stores who carry our rattles. We are proud of our baby rattles because of the safe & eco-friendly materials we use. The six wood varieties we offer are made from sustainably harvested woods. We use copper-coated steel bbs, certified non-toxic wood glue and Clapham’s bees wax for the finish.

Maple Baby Rattle

Which piece in your shop is your current favorite?

Our newest and favorite addition to our Etsy shop is our Tooth Fairy Box & Baby Rattle Set. When we cut the wood for our boxes the heart of the box is saved to create a baby rattle or spirit shaker, which nestles perfectly inside their mother box. We decided that marketing these sets as the Tooth Fairy Box & Baby Rattle Set would create a perfect gift to grow with the babies who love our rattles.

Walnut Tooth Fairy Box & Baby Rattle Set

What steps have you taken to lead a green life style?

Earnie & I take our responsibilities as stewards of our beautiful mother planet very seriously and we are dedicated to making conscious decisions about what we buy, eat and who we support. One neurotic little secret of mine is how I deal with recycling when we travel. We travel nearly once a month to sell at art festivals along the west coast and in March we traveled for an entire month to Arizona in our small van. We prepare nearly all of our food while traveling, so I remove the extra packaging on dry goods and recycle them before we leave. The recycling programs in Arizona are sadly lacking compared to those in Oregon where we can recycle anything from straws to plastic wrapping; and I just can’t throw anything away. Although what few items we purchase we choose with very little packaging, it is amazing what you can acquire in a month and how much space this “stuff” can take up in a small van filled with inventory, a dog, and her two humans. But we managed to squirrel away every little bit of recycling in tiny little pockets of space. Earnie did draw the line at saving our compost for a month to take home with us, but I secretly save it when we do weekend festivals that don’t have composting on site.

In an earnest effort to further reduce our ecological footprint we would like to take this opportunity to announce our pledge to plant at least twenty native trees every year. We live on 27 acres in the beautiful Olalla Valley with woods, two creeks and our small organic farm and have always planted trees as a small offering to this amazing land. We thought it would be beneficial to share our pledge with others in the hopes that we might inspire someone else to do the same.

We give you these words to carry in your hearts – Take care, be good & kind, and don’t forget to laugh.

Earnie & Ellie at the Eugene, Oregon Saturday Marketearnestefforts on etsy

Please visit the following sites to learn more about the adventures of Earnest Efforts and our natural woodworking:

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  1. Oh beautiful! I recently met these two at the Saturday Holiday Bazaar which is an indoor Saturday Market. I had no idea they were part of the EcoEtsy team! So enchanting, truly. Their works are extraordinary!

  2. What a beautiful story! Thanks!

  3. Wow. Their work is really beautiful and their recycling and replanting efforts need to be applauded!

  4. This is amazing and beautiful on so many levels. I think Earnie & Ellie and are my favorite people today.

  5. I had the pleasure of purchasing a wooden rattle and a boxed set this holiday season from Earnest Efforts. I expected to like what I purchased but wow! I LOVED what I purchased and so did the recipients. Heather couldn’t have been nicer too. What a treat to find this talented duo amongst our EcoEtsy team.